Gotham City Five: Lex Luthor

Lex is the main driving force behind the set, both as the only new figure and the only one with new tooling. Does he alone make purchasing the set worth it?

As a super-intelligent teenager, Lex Luthor idolized Superboy and saved him from a piece of Kryptonite. While working toward curing Superboy’s weakness, one of Luthor’s lab experiments went awry, catching fire. The resultant fumes made Luthor’s hair fall out permanently and damaged his psyche. Luthor blamed Superboy for the mishap, and dedicated himself to destroying his former friend by concocting numerous schemes and weapons – none more powerful that his deadly battle-suit.

Like everyone else in the pack, this isn’t the first time Lex has had a figure in one of Mattel’s 6” lines. The first was in the DCSH line, which depicted Lex in his power armor, while this is more along the lines of the Super Friends TV series.
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Gotham City Five: Superman

Over the past few years, there have been a number of 6” Superman figures. The first (and arguably, worst) was featured in a two-pack alongside Batman back in 2003. Let’s just say it wasn’t very good and leave it at that. The next came in 2006 via Mattel’s DC Superheroes line, and was much, much better. With a much better sculpt from the Four Horsemen (rather than Mattel’s in-house team, who had done the 2003 figure), the figure also featured much better articulation. It had its faults, mostly a wide stance, over-chiseled features, and a paint job that seemed inspired by the shades of blue and red from Superman Returns. Three years later, though, Mattel gave us the best Superman yet.

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Gotham City Five: Two-Face

As of late, Harvey Dent’s notoriety is rising. The Dark Knight was pretty damn popular to say the least. It’s no surprise Two-Face was repainted for the Gotham City 5 set.

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Gotham City Five: Catwoman

In the toy making world, it’s hard to choose between heroes and villains. Heroes are usually more popular, but they need someone to fight. It’s a tough decision. That’s why it’s a good thing Mattel chose 2 ½ heroes and 2 ½ villains for this set.

Selina Kyle was a child of the streets, growing into a beautiful and criminally skilled young woman. She became Catwoman, the most successful cat burglar Gotham City had ever known. Catwoman and Batman share a strange relationship, part adversarial, part flirtatious. Catwoman finds herself attracted to Batman… so much so that she sometimes finds herself working with him on the side of the angels.

Like everyone else in the set, Selina is a repaint. She was first featured in the last wave of DCSH, in the black catsuit the character has been wearing the last few years. This time, however, she’s purple.

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Gotham City Five: Batman

There have always been figures of Batman. Both standard outfits and silly variants as far as the eye could see. Some of the best have come from Mattel, in the various DCU lines. Does their latest addition take the top prize?

After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life and fortune to protecting the lives of the innocent while striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Armed with an arsenal of gadgets, Batman patrols the shadows of Gotham City keeping the streets safe from crime.

This is more than likely what most people think of when they think “Batman”: black/grey outfit, capsule belt, medium length cape, etc. As such, it’s obviously an outfit many fans like, and would likely be in demand for a figure. Despite that, this may be the first time the outfit has shown up in one of Mattel’s collector oriented lines (It’s shown up in the Super Friends line, but that’s more kid-focused).

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