Peanut Booger Sandwich recipe!

Mush it together. GROSS
Want something fun and easy to make for your kids’ lunch for Halloween? How about something that only needs ingredients you already have in your house. My son loves eating gross stuff, so here’s a Peanut Booger Sandwich. You can make in just a few minutes.
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Ewwwsday (gross)

Just a few weekends ago, my wife went out of town, leaving me and my five year old son to our own devices. Since Halloween was just around the corner, we decided to do everything gross (that Mommy wouldn’t allow) that we could fit into the weekend. Though it lasted more than a day, we dubbed this Ewwwsday. Click below for a lot of pics, and what you can do with your kids for some safe, gross fun.
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The Grossest Food I Have Ever Seen!


A new type of burger is making its way around the country. This bacon cheeseburger includes a fried egg sandwiched between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Now I am not proclaiming that I’m the healthiest person when it comes to eating, but this is just gross.

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Essential Seven Grossest Garbage Pail Kids


Looking back almost 25 years, the Garbage Pail Kids are rather tame. In the 80’s though they caused an uproar from parents. The cards were the boys response to the girly Cabbage Patch Kids, and were an instant phenomenon. I clearly remember buying pack after pack hoping to find the Adam Bomb card, and the variation Blasted Billy. The Garbage Pail Kids were disgusting, but they stayed away from certain bodily fluids. A few cards went a step beyond of being gross. That is why this weeks list identifies the Essential Seven Grossest Garbage Pail Kids.

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