Iron-Cow Productions Invades Comic Con!

San Diego– What do you get when you mix Mez-Itz, the hot new Designer Vinyl toy from Mezco, and 60 famous artists, designers, and F/X artists?

Conceived as a celebration of its new collectible toy line, the Mez-Itz Art Show displays the amazing versatility of the Mez-Itz deceivingly simple design. Rather than only turning to artists to create custom figures, Mezco thought outside the box and reached out to designers and F/X artists as well. Iron-Cow Prod. is proud to unveil the Iron-Cow 10th Anniversary Mez-Itz Figure.

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Iron Cow is 10 Years Old!


Happy Birthday to Iron-Cow Productions. Matt Cauley (a.k.a Iron Cow) started the ten years ago today in 1998.

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Iron Cow’s, Big Heads – The Portraits of Matt Cauley Opens Tomorrow

BIG HEADS – The Portaits of Matt Cauley is now on display at the Potion Cafe through the month of March. Consider yourself cordially invited to the opening reception on Saturday, March 14, from 7pm until 9pm.

Potion Cafe is located at 248 McKibbin Street in Brooklyn. If travelling by subway, hop off at either the Montrose or Morgan stops. Click HERE for a detailed map of the area.

For more information on Matt Cauley (a.k.a Iron Cow) visit his website

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