Avatar DVD

Much-Anticipated Blu-ray and DVD Launch of James Cameron’s History-Making Epic Begins April 22 – Coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today announced that it will launch director James Cameron’s history-making motion picture AVATAR on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on Thursday, April 22.

AVATAR on Blu-ray presents the ultimate high definition experience for home viewing audiences. Fans around the world will soon be able to discover every detail and relive every moment of James Cameron’s AVATAR in the comfort of their own home. Blu-ray is recognized for presenting optimal picture and sound, and now AVATAR’s masterful cinematography, art direction and visual effects will lend itself to awe-inspiring clarity when you become absorbed in the extraordinary all-encompassing experience in the living room.

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Avatar Behind-the-Scenes

I haven’t seen this yet. I know. I should. This is a nice quick behind-the-scenes of the film. You can imagine how nice the DVD will be.

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James Cameron’s Laser Cats 5

The SNL Digital Short, Laser Cats, was getting old. I loved the first two, especially the one with Lindsay Lohan. Since then they have gone to the well to many times. This weekends SNL stepped it up. Add in James Cameron, Ripley from Aliens, Terminator references, and the Titanic band that kept playing and you have comedy gold. I give you James Cameron’s Laser Cats 5!

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Really? People Like Avatar? Could it be Good?


I know I sound a bit skeptic, but apparently some early reviews for Avatar have appeared online, and they are good!

“The King of the World sets his sights on creating another world entirely in Avatar, and it’s very much a place worth visiting.” – Todd McCarthy, Variety

“The final battle scene is 20 minutes long and absolutely mind-blowing” – The Sun

“It’s a world, not to give too much away, that Cameron clearly fully intends to return to and further explore. When he does, our bags are already packed.” – Chris Hewitt (UK) Empire Magazine

The screen is alive with more action and the soundtrack pops with more robust music than any dozen sci-fi shoot-’em-ups you care to mention.” – Kirk Honeycutt Hollywood Reporter

Right now it has 100% on I expect that to go down as we get closer to the release. I want to give it a chance, but I just don’t see what is so great about what I have seen so far. What are your thoughts?

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Avatar Looks Bad Internationally

The international trailer for Avatar is now online. There is nothing at this point can convince me that this movie is going to be any good.

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Mattel’s Avatar Figures


Avatar week continued into the weekend with Mattel unveiling all of the Avatar action figures on their Flickr stream. I didn’t get a chance to see the footage shown on Friday. Truthfully, I wasn’t all the impressed with the trailer. Now looking at the toys, I really just don’t care.

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James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer

Really? This is what people are raving about? Maybe I am missing something here, but that doesn’t look like anything we haven’t seen before. Actually, I was bored with it. Maybe the film will be better. I hope so. My thoughts though are people are just clamoring for a new James Cameron film.

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SDCC Highlights!


Sadly we didn’t make it to Comic Con this year, so we have no coverage. It seems this wasn’t the best year in terms of news or exclusives. However, I looked around the web and found some of the best highlights:

Hasbro wants to know if they should make the Darth Vader Funeral Pyre. I say yes (via ActionFigureInsider)

The James Cameron Avatar panel is online with no film footage (via GeeksofDoom)

You can watch the entire Mattel / DC Comics Heroic Partnership (via ActionFigureInsider)

Rumors are being spread that Warner Bros. is getting fans reaction to a Superman suit for Smallville (via TV Squad)

Footage from Tron Legacy premiered

Mattel unleashed Master’s of the Universe Goodness (via ToplessRobot)

Want to see the Green Hornet Car? (via ComingSoon)

Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2 looks amazingly cool

Really good responses to Iron Man 2 Footage (via Ain’tItCoolNews)

A trailer for the Star Wars: Unleashed Sith Edition was shown at the Star Wars Panel.

Mattel will be producing a General Zod Figure (via CoolToyReview)

You can now see Star Wars in concert! (via StarWars)

The Simpsons were awarded Guiness World Record for Longest Running Sitcom (/film)

Kevin Smith may have to get rid of Dicks (via ComingSoon)

Anime Iron Man Trailer looks awesome!

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