J is for Joss, Just Joss

Neill Cameron put this A-Z of Awesomeness project together. Each letter features different characters from pop culture.

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Serenity, The Big Damn Replica

More than three years in the making, Serenity – The Big Damn Replica, has been painstakingly crafted to be absolutely screen-accurate in every aspect. Unlike most ships from science fiction, Serenity was designed from the ground up to be as realistic as possible, from her floor plan to her construction, using real-world components and manufacturing processes. As one of her creators observed, the idea was to make Serenity so real, fans could see themselves walking her decks. With such a sense of place and familiarity, viewers would never feel lost in this Firefly-Class Transport.

When it came time to develop this replica, we could do no less. Every bolt, every seam and every asymmetrical plate has been recreated with exacting attention to detail in this first and only screen-accurate replica of Serenity. Years of intense effort have gone into all aspects of this model, from the model sculpture built from the movie special effects master files to the paint job created to match not just the colors of the ship, but the materials as well.

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Firefly Wake-Up Call, In Space

On February 12th NASA woke up the shuttle crew with the theme song from “Firefly.” Stay Shiny!

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Alan Tudyk on Firefly

Alan Tudyk discusses his thoughts on the early cancellation of Firefly and the Serenity movie. This includes his idea for a Walsh prequel where his character is all strung out. By the way he is joking about this.

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Best Doogie Howser Sculpt Ever!

Ok, so it’s not Doogie, but it is a Neil Patrick Harris sculpt.

It seems only fitting that the first authorized and fully-licensed Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette is of the man with the PhD in Horribleness himself. Cast in professional-grade resin and painted by hand, Dr. Horrible is pictured in his moment of triumph, holding his Freeze Ray aloft in one hand and shaking his fist at the world. As with all Quantum Mechanix animated maquettes, Dr. Horrible comes with many screen-accurate details, such as his goggles, the medical symbol on his smock and, of course, the aforementioned deanimation gun. He stands over 6-inches tall – 9-inches tall, if you include his weapon. Freeze Ray. Tell your friends. Dr. Horrible comes in an edition of 1,000 statues and is the first in a series of limited-edition maquettes based on the characters of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Order yours today!

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Essential Seven Reasons to Hate the Twilight Saga!


The Twilight phenomenon drives me insane! I never read the books, but everything I hear is that they are really poorly written. (I wonder if they are worse than my weekly writings here?) For weeks friends’ wives have done nothing but talk about how they are excited for the new film. The countless media saturation is off the chart. I can’t take it anymore. This inspired me to list the Essential Seven Reasons to Hate the Twilight Saga!

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Joss Whedon Wants to Buy Terminator Franchise

Joss Whedon

Last week it was announced that the Terminator franchise rights were now for sale. Speculation that the rights are worth anywhere from 20 to 60 million. Joss Whedon has now made an offer to purchase the franchise. His offer? $10,000. “That’s four — FOUR! — zeroes after that one. That’s to show you I mean business. And I mean show business.” You can read his entire letter at

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Castle = Whedon Goodness


Last nights Castle was filled with Joss Whedon goodness. Not only did we get to see Nathan Fillion dress in his Firefly garb, but we also got a Buffy reference! You can watch last nights show on

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Dollhouse, Season One


I was very excited to review Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, Season One DVD. However, reviewers were only given three of the four discs. FOX is holding the final disc until closer to the release date. I can’t tell you anything about the  final disc with all of the extras. So I can’t tell you about the unaired episode, the original pilot, any special feature, or deleted scenes. So here is a review of part of the upcoming Dollhouse DVD set!

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DollHouse on Blu-Ray!

– In a city of millions, many souls get lost… Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents a glimpse into a world where the wealthy, powerful and connected come to play when “Dollhouse” Season One becomes “active” on Blu-ray and DVD July 28. From the mind of Joss Whedon, the creator of groundbreaking cult favorites “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” “Dollhouse” stars Eliza Dushku (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Tru Calling”) as Echo, just one member working for an illegal underground organization that implants employees with false memories and skills in order to perform various missions and dangerous tasks. These “dolls” can become anything that anyone desires; a lover, a fighter, an assassin, even a best friend. Once their assignment is complete, their memories are wiped clean and they are released back into the “Dollhouse” to cohabitate with their fellow colleagues under the watchful eye of those in charge. But Echo is slowly starting to become aware of herself and her surroundings… and one outsider will stop at nothing to bring the entire “Dollhouse” down.

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