Machete Kills – Blu-Ray review

Danny Trejo’s Machete returns, this time on a mission from the President (Charlie Sheen) to save Washington from an extremist’s ticking missile launch. Did you enjoy the original Machete? Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the Grindhouse trailer turned feature length homage to trashy exploitation films is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. If you “get” what it’s doing, you can see it does “it” pretty well. Honestly, anyone that criticized the first Machete for being mindlessly dumb didn’t really pick up on what it set out to do. Those people will not like Machete Kills any better. Machete Kills picks up right after the first and plunges you right back into a world of comedic violence, bloodshed, and scenes of pure awesomeness. If you did enjoy the original Machete, and wanted more, this is it, right here.

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My review of MACHETE

Original, Grindhouse era fake trailer (contains brief boobs and language)

It all started with the original trailer, inserted during the Rodriquez/Tarantino Grindhouse double feature back in 2007. The fake trailer (seen above) has now been turned into a real feature length motion picture.
I thought it was awesome. Really awesome. Read my review of the real movie, below. …continue reading My review of MACHETE

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