Bif Bang Pow! MEGO Style LOST Figure

Entertainment Earth released photos of the initial Bif Bang Pow MEGO style LOST figures we reported earlier this week. I’m really disturbed with these. I love MEGO figures for their nostalgia. I’m disturbed looking at these. What are your thoughts?

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Bif Bang Pow! MEGO Style Action Figures

Bif Bang Pow! to Produce ’70s Style Action Figures Based on Some of the World’s Most Popular Properties

Announcing one of the widest ranges of highly articulated 8-inch retro-style action figures in years. In cooperation with EMCE Toys, Bif Bang Pow!™ is proud to bring the original “’70s style” of play to a brand-new line of articulated action figures based on some of the world’s most popular properties.

Reproductions reminiscent of the best-selling action figures of the 1970s and early 1980s, these highly articulated figures will feature body designs by EMCE Toys. Each 8-inch scale figure will include real cloth clothing and plastic accessories where appropriate.

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Diamond Select Star Trek Bridge Playset

Art Asylum posted packaging  photos for the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Playset. You may remember the set since it is a replica of the original MEGO playset:

And it’s the Star Trek Bridge Playset calling!

Remember this from your childhood? We’ll, that’s if your not a child of the 90’s…

But let’s look way back and remember the joy of beaming a Klingon right onto the bridge! Oh geez! Lookout Kirk! Ahh… but I digress. Here are the latest pictures of the playset in it’s retro box (notice the Super Space-aged Drawings!).

Enjoy! And look out for them at your nearest Comic Book Store!

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