Lego Blind Packs weren’t

I loved the Lego Collector iPhone app that scans the barcode of the individual blind packed Lego minifigures (in series 1 & 2) to cheat a little and let you know who’s inside. Then series 3 came out, and there are no more barcodes! A few sites posted a little chart that purported to reveal which figure was inside based on raised bumps on the packaging. I tried following them along and couldn’t make a positive match on any of them.

Low and behold, I return to my Toys R Us (after Christmas), I see the box of Series 3 minifigs, and what what WHAT, they’re labeled! They were all clearly marked with a little printed sign taped onto the package. Did Lego did this? Did a generous employee? Is this widespread? Anyway, I’m happy, I got my Gorilla suit and Sumo wrestler figures! Let me know in the comments below if your store has the same!

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New LEGO Mini-figures!

The single figure LEGO packs continue to impress me. LEGO just released images of series 4 that includes a LEGO Frankenstein, Geisha, Punk Rocker, and Hazmat Suit Figure. Get out your iPhone to start scanning barcodes!

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Vintage LEGO MiniFigure Collection Vol.1

Celebrate 30 years of LEGO Minifigures!

Everybody loves a classic! Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the LEGO minifigure with this unique collection of 5 famous figures from through the years. From the vintage 1978 astronaut to the mad scientist of 2002 and beyond, these friendly, smiling characters have always made building fun!

Now don’t get to excited. If you live in the United States you can’t order these online. So find a friend who lives in another country and have them order it for you. This set is to sweet to pass up.

If you live in another country order it here.

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LEGO Collectible Minifigures Coming June 2010

My LEGO dream has come true! LEGO is now releasing collectible Minifigures. Series 1 is made up of 16 different minifigs.

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