Essential Seven Deceitful Movies

We’re pretty psyched about Terminator Salvation now that we’ve seen the new kick ass trailer, but we’re also a little hesitant… how many times have you seen an amazing trailer and been completely pissed with the end result? Its happened to me more than once. Check out our Essential 7 Movies, that were a total let down after their trailer was so awesome.

7. Mission Impossible

Oh man I had high hopes for this one. You have computer hackery (which was cool validation to us 1990’s BBS users), laser scanners, hot chicks, death defying stunts, Emilio, explosions, and Tom Cruise being blasted off of an exploding helicopter onto a moving train…. in a tunnel. I watched the (80’s update) Mission:Impossible on TV with my dad, and I duh-duh-dum-dum’d the theme song as I ran around our backyard ducking behind picnic tables for countless hours… so I was really excited for this movie. But afterwards I was confused… do I announce that I was completely lost/not impressed with all the double crossing, or did something go over my head? Am I an idiot for not understanding it? Am I an idiot for paying for a ticket?
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