Gordo Frostweed and Nymphaea

The Gordo’s hunger knows no bounds. Throughout the centuries a small group of Gordos developed the ability to stay underwater for an extended period of time. Combined with their ability to blend in with their environment seemlessly they have become one of the deadliest predators of the surrounding lake region. These creatures of the deep will be available at and in MPH retail stores on Thursday August 12th at 1PM. Available in either the icy Frostweed version or the watery Nymphaea variant by random assortment for $100.

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My Plastic Heart SDCC Exclusives Available Now

If you were not able to make it to the San Diego Comic Con this year, we’re bringing SDCC to you with a couple of exclusives which were only available at the event. We have very limited quantites so get them while you can.

Miao & Mousubi : Buff GID Version
Shawnimals : Pocket Summer Ninja
Mythos Buddies : DIY Black
Mythos Buddies : DIY Grey
Minigod Resin : MG3 Japan
Tcho! Mini Figure Series : DIY Puro Set

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