Essential Seven Comedy Sequels

I love a good film sequel. Familiar characters set in another story, can really take you back as to why you love the original. Action, sci-fi, and fantasy are typically the three top sequel genres. Comedy films however, have a really bad record for “good” sequels. An example of this is Caddyshack 2. Not only was the film unneccesary, but they even tried to recreate the character of Carl using Dan Aykroyd! A good sequel to a comedy film is rare. That is why this weeks list is the Essential Seven Comedy Sequels:

(Note. I only focused on comedy films only. Films like Ghostbusters 2, Back to the Future 2, while funny are also Sci-fi/ fantasy)

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Essential Seven John Hughes Characters


With the passing of John Hughes, I thought that I would do a special Essential Seven list in addition to the G.I. Joe Dumbest Characters today. John Hughes was a great writer and director. I grew up watching his films, and remember how much the Breakfast Club spoke to kids. I even remember laughing my ass off at Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern setting off Kevin’s boobie traps. With that in mind here is the Essential Seven John Hughes characters:

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