12 Years a Nerd…

It was on 03.03.03, twelve years ago, that we launched We’ve gone through some changes, we’ve covered 13 Toy Fairs, we’ve covered concerts and beauty pageants and been featured in The Washington Post and on G3TV. Stay tuned today as I add some new features, look back through some old ones, and celebrate how far we’ve come. Oh yeah, I’m photographing the BUSH concert tonight. Not too shabby.

Why don’t you go through our 2015 Toy Fair coverage in the mean time.

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Updates! And I start my road to the Olympics!

Celebrity Judge McKayla Maroney

I have been busy as of late, but for good reason. Sunday I’ll be providing coverage of Lynyrd Skynrd at Jiffy Lube Live. Then Monday I’ll be covering Barenaked Ladies and Ben Folds Five (with Guster) from Merriweather. Then on Wednesday I’m covering the Washington Kastles match. Tickets are still available to all of these events.

On top of that I’ve just received confirmation I’m covering the Olympic Media summit this fall, where I’ll get to meet and photograph each of the Team USA athletes heading to Sochi for the Winter Games. Stay tuned!

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BIG Announcement

I am heading to Las Vegas tomorrow to cover the 2013 Miss America pageant. You can watch the pageant on ABC at 9pm on Saturday.

I will be tweeting and posting my adventure behind the scenes along the way. If you’d like to follow along, check out
@nevercap on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting photos and things from there the most. I’m also ageowns on Instagram. I’ll be posting cool pics and videos on here in the upcoming days, but look to those two outlets for along-the-way coverage.

I’m choosing not to host the content here on Heaven forbid someone doesn’t understand that MillionairePlayboy refers to Bruce Wayne, and has nothing to do with a certain gentleman’s publication. I don’t want people getting their sequins in a bunch because their photo appeared on a site with Playboy in the name. As it were, I’ll be posting all my coverage on my other blog if you follow my twitter feed, you’ll see everything fit to print.

And tune in Saturday night!

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First Look at Destro from GI-JOE Film

UPDATE: Paramount forced Topless Robot to remove the image.

Topless Robot has the first look Masked Movie Destro from the new GI-Joe film. Since they got the scoop you will have to visit their site to see it.

My thoughts. It appears that the mask is going to be done CG. That can be good in the fact that they will show his mouth move. It can be bad that it will look really fake. I really wanted it to be chrome.

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First Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Image

The Daily Mirror today published a photo of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) walking through a forest with his wand on the set of Deathly Hallows. The site has a great scan of the article. There are numerous forest scenes in the book so it’s hard to narrow down what part they are filming. I think its funny that they are filming the new film, when we haven’t even seen the sixth one yet.

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Toys”R”Us Watches the Watchmen


On Friday, March 6, a feature film based on the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen will be released in theaters nationwide. To help commemorate the movie’s release, Toys“R”Us stores will offer an exclusive, variant action figure based on the street vigilante, Rorschach.

The action figure, featuring Rorschach without his face…I mean mask…depicts a bruised Rorschach as he’s being booked in prison. The action figure will be released on Friday, March 6 and features multiple points of articulation, a grapple gun, an additional hand, a base and prison name plate (with his “real” name and prisoner number).

A teaser image of this action figure is now on, and a final image will be available on March 6.

The Rorschach action figure will be available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide for $16.99 and is recommended for children ages 14 and up.

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What the Hutt? No Weequay Figure in Clone Wars Jabba!


The Hasbro Team sent out an update on the Jabba Clone Wars Figure:

A question has arisen that we would like to address with all of our Star Wars Q&A participants. Some have asked whether the Clone Wars Jabba The Hutt Battle Pack will come with the Weequay figure, as is shown in one of the images that was included on the digital press kit distributed during Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2009 Collector-Fan Media Day. In answer to that question, no, the Weequay figure will not be included in the pack. For your reference, I’ve attached an updated image that correctly represents the Clone Wars Jabba The Hutt Battle Pack.  Our apologies for any confusion the incorrect image may have caused.

In case you didn’t see the image they are referring to here it is. I never thought anything about it until I saw this update. Here is the bright side. It would have cost us another 5 or 6 bucks just to get this figure included.

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Four Horsemen Alter Production


Originally planned to be the next action figure release from the Four Horsemen, Scarabus – the evil emperor from their property ‘Gothitropolis’ will be taking a slight detour in order to let Queen Alluxundra and her royal court take center stage.

Scheduled as the next release from the Four Horsemen’s popular ‘Seventh Kingdom’ property, the often-requested Queen has been rescheduled to begin production immediately in order to meet fan demand and help out with rapidly rising production costs overseas.
…continue reading Four Horsemen Alter Production

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Toy Fair ’09 LEGO

View the Toy Fair ’09 LEGO Gallery

I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to get to the 7:00 collector preview this morning. We saw some really amazing new sets coming out this year.

…continue reading Toy Fair ’09 LEGO

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MEGA Brands Aquires Halo Licence.

MONTREAL/LOS ANGELES – February 3, 2009 – MEGA Brands Inc. (TSX: MB) is thrilled to announce today that it has entered into a global licensing agreement with Microsoft Game Studios to develop construction toys based on its much-anticipated new game, Halo Wars, a real-time, exciting strategy game based on the legendary Halo® universe. The agreement was brokered by Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising, licensing agent for the Halo franchise.

Under the global agreement, MEGA Brands will develop the first-ever construction toy sets based on the key characters and vehicles of Halo Wars under the Mega Bloks umbrella. The video game will be available at retailers worldwide in early 2009. The Mega Bloks licensed product offerings will make their retail debut worldwide in the summer of 2009.

“We’re excited to have this exclusive opportunity to partner with Microsoft and 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising and build on the immense success of the Halo franchise,” said Vic Bertrand, Chief Innovation Officer of MEGA Brands. “We look forward to bringing the iconic characters and vehicles of the video game to life through Mega Bloks.”

“We consider MEGA brands to be one of the premiere leaders in the constructible toys and games category. Their reputation for creativity and innovation is inspiring and we look forward to seeing it applied to the legendary Halo franchise,” noted Michael Peikoff, Senior-Vice President U.S. Licensing, Twentieth Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising.

Developed by Ensemble Studios, the creators of the critically-acclaimed Age of Empires series, Halo Wars was designed specifically for Xbox 360® and brings a genre that has typically thrived on the PC seamlessly to consoles. From specialized controls to redesigned resource management and unit command, Halo Wars gives you the fluid strategy experience you’ve been waiting for on a console.

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