Pee-Wee Shouldn’t Drink

This weeks SNL Digital Short shows us why Pee-wee Herman and Andy Samberg shouldn’t drink together.

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Pee Wee Gets in iPad

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Pee Wee Herman Returns

I hate Jay Leno. I hate that NBC has given up on prime time TV. I don’t encourage you to watch the Jay Leno show, but I think you need to watch this clip. Pee Wee Herman is returning. Not to television, but a stage show!

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Line of the Week

Pee Wee Herman

“I say we let him go…”

From Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

The next time you’re facing an army of angry bikers, try your best ventriliquist act…

We would allow variations this week. At that next meeting, the boss kicks it off and asks someone to read off the minutes, you whisper “I say the meeting is canceled!”

Every Monday we are going to provide you a line from a movie for you to quote for the week. We encourage you to use this line in your personal life. If you do tell us about it.

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Essential Seven Rejected Terminators

By Stinkhead and Lando da Pimp

Not every robot is up to the task of tracking down and killing a specific target. They have to be persistent, lethal, and most importantly of all, blend in with the human population. Being able to survive SWAT team attacks and Cameron-sized explosions is kinda important too. Let’s look at the robots that never stood a chance at being a Terminator. You can then take our Facebook quiz to determine Which Rejected Terminator you are!

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