Playmobil Travel Dungeon 4776


We recently got our hands on the playmobil travel dungeon. This handy playset doubles as a carry case, so it’s perfect for taking along on the go, and it keeps all the pieces together. Check out my pics and handy review below.
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Playmobil’s Interactive DVD

We heard about Playmobil’s plan to release an interactive DVD at last year’s Toy Fair and couldn’t wait to check it out. Now that we have it in our hands and have watched it a few times (even with kids, to boot) we’re ready to tell you what we think. Check out review below.
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Playmobil Pirate Ship (4290)


Ahoy! This is one massive pirate ship. I have the pirate ship of a few years ago, (3940) and this one seems even bigger. And don’t think that because you have this or an earlier pirate ship that you don’t need another… take a look at all the improvements in this one, and you’ll see its a whole new toy.

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Playmobil Lighthouse Fortress, (4294)

This fortress is pretty sweet. I’ve always liked the “land” playsets that playmobil have provided for their Pirate theme. I have the French prison, I’ve lusted after the Paradise Island, but this year we got something completely new. The lighthouse fortress isn’t just a lighthouse (even though it’s a nice one) it also has a great deck for shooting cannons, and two different jail cells for locking up wayward pirates. There’s a nice dock, some beautiful stairs, and the fire actually lights up and flickers (2 AAA batteries not included).

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Playmobil Raft with Octopus (4291)


This pirate raft has a tattered sail, some strapped down treasure, two ragged pirates, a handful accessories, and the coolest octopus I’ve ever seen. You may be familiar with the miniature, color-changing Octopus from earlier sets. This one dwarfs that little thing, at a massive 8 inches in diameter. Big and angry, this black octopus has sculpted suckers under each of his tentacles, but wait, there’s a surprise! His head hides a bulb, you can soak up and then squirt water out of his lead tentacle. Making him and the raft perfect for bath time as well.

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Playmobil Pirate Dinghy, (4444). Target Exclusive!!!


As far as we know, this is a Target exclusive. (It may also be available at Toys R Us or Wal*Mart.) For under $20, this set is an amazing value. When you think playmobil, you think quality, detail, imagination. With this set, the first thing I think is Wow! This is some great value!. For the price, you’re getting a nice playmobil pirate ship, a cannon, two pirates, some treasure, and loads of play time. I don’t typically think of playmobil as being a value purchase, because I love it so much, I can justify the cost, (you’re also paying for a quality that lasts forever, and probably multiple kids, yeah, the kids…)

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