Four Horsemen: Scarabus Pre-Orders

The Four Horsemen Scarabus figure 10-packs will go up for pre-order this coming Tuesday night (March 1st, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet – Store Horsemen.

Each Scarabus 10-pack contains one of each of the Scarabus variants, including Scarabus himself, (see images above) as well as a free Four Horsemen poster/print signed by the Four Horsemen!

While the upcoming Scarabus three-packs, two-packs & singles will be priced so that each figure will be $30.00 each, and will be spaced out in monthly pre-order releases to help your wallet as much as possible, if you pre-order the Scarabus 10-pack, you’ll be able to save on both cost and shipping!

In the 10-pack, you’ll get all 10 figures and the poster/print for only $275.00 (plus shipping & handling)!! That’s only $27.50 per figure – a $25.00 total savings!! Plus, you’ll be saving on shipping charges by having them all shipped to you in one box as well!

Also, pre-ordered 10-packs will also be shipped out to our customers before any of the other upcoming multi-packs or singles. You’ll have Scarabus and all of his variant forms & minions before anyone else in your neighborhood!

Please be aware that this is a pre-order, but the figures are currently in production and we expect them to arrive in our warehouse by early June, if not sooner.

To discuss Scarabus, the upcoming pre-orders, and all things Scarabus and the Four Horsemen, be sure to register to the FANtastic Exclusive message boards and join in on the fun!

Also, for up to the minute Four Horsemen news and updates, be sure to follow the Four Horsemen on Twitter (@4HorsemenDesign), and ‘friend’ them on Facebook (FourHorsemen ToyDesign)!

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Sideshow Toys Cobra-la-la-la-la-la!!!!

Sideshow announced their new line of G.I. Joe Cobra figures. They also announced a Stormshadow Priority Pre-order date to be next week Friday, Feb 27.

“COBRA is extending its command with the new announcement of our Storm Shadow 12-inch Figure and more specialized troopers on the way! The GI Joe fans in Sideshow’s design and development departments are geeking out over the chance to display their Cobra power on their shelves! To give all of our Joe collectors a taste of how cool this will be, they have assembled our Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Trooper guard into one awesome 12-inch figure group photo, which is now posted in our production blog.”

Cobra Commander looks badass! This looks like it is going to be a good year for Sideshow.

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