Essential Seven Dumbest G.I. Joe Characters


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters today and some of you will be heading to the theaters to watch your childhood G.I. Joe team get raped in the ass by Paramount. However, you can’t just blame Paramount for taking advantage of the G.I. Joe franchise. Hasbro, has been sticking its finger up the ass of G.I. Joe for years. They chose to rape the franchise slowly compared to Paramount’s quick stick it in.  So that is why I would like to provide you with the Essential Seven Dumbest G.I. Joe characters Hasbro has released. Who knows perhaps we will see some of these in the sequel!

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First Glimpse of “The Doctor”

First Look at Cobra Commander

The new GI-JOE Japanese trailer gives us a one second glimpse of “The Doctor.” Now I’m going to blow your mind with this spoiler: “The Doctor” will evolve into Cobra Commander. Shhhh…’s a secret.

The new trailer after the jump:

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