They Call Me Baba Booey Review

The term “Baba Booey” is more than just the nickname of Gary Dell’Abate, producer of the Howard Stern Show. It has become the mantra for fans of the show. Yell out “Baba Booey” and you declare your love for everything Howard Stern.

For over 2o years Gary Dell’Abate has lived with the nickname. His mispronunciation of the Hanna-Barbara character Baba Looey’s name, earned him the now infamous title.  While it may seem from an outsider of the show that Gary Dell’Abate is just the butt of jokes on the show, he isn’t. Gary is beloved by the fans and by Howard.

Gary Dell’Abate’s autobiographical book “They Call Me Baba Booey”  focuses on his life before and during The Howard Stern Show. His personal life is now open for everybody to read. That isn’t to say we don’t get some behind the scenes stories from the show. Gary gives us his thoughts on the pitch, the videotape, and what its like to be known as Baba Booey. While Stern fans will love these stories, Gary also reveals some personal stories including his mother’s psychological problems and his gay brother Steven who died from AIDS.

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