The Bad Parts: Star Trek (2009)

This week we are starting a new feature called The Bad Parts. We already have a re-occurring article called The Good Parts , where we find something good in a bad film. We are now doing the opposite by finding the bad in a good film. Got that?

First up is J. J. Abrams Star Trek from last year. Surprisingly J. J. found a way to re-create the original cast of Star Trek into a new feature film. I admit I was skeptical. I still prefer William Shatner and company over the new guys, but it was enjoyable. It’s not perfect.  There are some bad parts:

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Star Trek Trilogy Blu-Ray


When we think of the big movie trilogys, we all think about  Star Wars, Back to the Future, and recently the Bourne films. What about Star Trek? With eleven films I can see why Star Trek may be overlooked. Starting with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and its two sequels we have a three-part story that branches over three films.  As a trilogy these films work well together. It just happens that the trilogy starts with part 2! Paramount has now released the trilogy as a three disc collectors boxed set on Blu-ray

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Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto Address Star Trek Fans

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