Essential Seven Star Wars Collectibles from the Dark Time, 1984-1996

With George Lucas’ recent announcement that he is planning a 3-D release for both of the Star Wars trilogies, given Avatar’s success with the format, we here at Millionaire Playboy are becoming nostalgic for a time before multiple re-releases, special editions, endless waves of action figure variations, and disappointing prequels. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans, but we feel like we’re beyond the point of over-saturation. And, as a result, we’re thinking about that period of time when Star Wars wasn’t considered cool anymore, when we combed flea markets for idiots selling entire shoeboxes of action figures for a buck, when the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine slowly but surely morphed into the Star Wars Insider, and when any news from George Lucas about future projects and movies offered hope and excitement that Star Wars would eventually make a triumphant return. Basically, we were like Obi-Wan Kenobi, sitting around in a little hovel thinking about the past and waiting for something to happen. We’re talking about the Dark Time, the period that began after the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983 and extended to the release of the Star Wars Special Edition in 1997. Despite the absence of new movies and media hype, there were some cool collectibles (we’re using the term as all-encompassing to include books, videogames, and model kits, as well as toys), even if they were few and far between. So, here are the Essential Seven Star Wars Collectibles from the Dark Time!

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