MOTU Origins Stinkor and LOP Mer-Man

My favorite Masters of the Universe character (after Skeletor) finally got his Origins entry. Behold Stinkor, Evil Master of Odors. I pre-ordered mine from BigBadToyStore and it just arrived. Take a look as I take a few pics and give him a sniff test. Bonus, I also got Lords of Power MerMan so I have a few pics of him too. Click below to see more, PLUS (it just keeps coming) a brief behind-the-scenes video of creating this Stinkor scene. Go ahead and read more!
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Time Travelers Poker Game

During quarantine, I’ve filled my time by giving myself complex photo assignments. I thrive on having a project that I can’t solve immediately. I need to work out composition, sourcing props, figuring out lighting, taking the photo and finalizing it for its final form. My latest photo composition asks what if pop culture’s time travelers that visited the old west all played poker together? I wanted an image that was pleasing enough to warrant looking at it for awhile, but if you dig a little, you’ll find props from all three shows. I’ve put together props from Back to the Future III, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the Season 5 cliff hanger of Star Trek the Next Generation (when Data’s head blows off and he ends up in 1880s San Francisco) all into one big poker game. Read on!
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Vintage Playmobil Space

It took quite a few eBay auctions and connecting with collectors all over the world, but I finally completed these two vintage Playmospace sets from Playmobil. I have plenty of time right now so I worked to replicate the general look of the 1980s catalogs in the studio. Click below to see more 80s playmobil goodness!
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Civil War Poker Game

Attempt 3 - Candle light
Of all the historical time periods, I’ve always been the most fascinated with the American Civil War. I grew up close enough to Antietam and Gettysburg National Parks that my family visited often, and I felt the most connected to that moment in history because of those family trips. I recently rekindled my obsession with Civil War paraphernalia and decided to use this extended time at home to challenge myself to making an accurate studio photo suitable for framing and hanging in your game room. Read on for the research I did and the lighting process to get the perfect shot. …continue reading Civil War Poker Game

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MOTU Studio Photography

Ever since we’ve had so much time on our hands, I’ve re-arranged my basement to beef up my studio. I’m starting getting into the swing of things with my vintage Masters of the Universe toys. I have tons of pics to share, and some photo tips along the way.
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Playmobil in the studio


I got some sweet playmobil sets for Christmas, including this shuttle and launchpad. A friend of ours has a fog machine so I thought I’d take over a handful of sets and try out how the fog works in a studio setting. Click below for more pics and get excited for Toy Fair!

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