The Superman Museum

“Look, in a small town in Southern IL, it’s… giant Superman statue?…” But what about Smallville, you ask? Well, if Smallville is sooo great and truly is Superman’s hometown, why don’t they have a giant Superman statue in the middle of town or even a Superman museum? Metropolis does! In 1972, to increase tourism, the citizens of  Metropolis embraced the fact that the their town shared a name with Superman’s fictional city. So, they erected a giant statue of The Man of Steel next to the county courthouse and built a Superman museum to honor their hero’s past. The town’s newspaper is even called The Metropolis Planet. There is also the largest Dippin’ Dots, The Ice Cream of the Future, store, but that’s another story all together. The cool thing about Metropolis is that D. C. Comics is totally on board, declaring the town to be “Superman’s Hometown.” The town was even depicted in a few issues of the Superman Comics.

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The Good Parts: Supergirl

After buying the rights to distribute the Superman films, Alexander Salkind and his son, Ilya, also purchased the rights to the character of Supergirl. A year after Superman III, Supergirl was released. The film was a financial bomb bringing in only $35 million dollars. Critical reaction was even worse with poor reviews. The usual loyal comic book fans agreed with the critics and declared Supergirl a horrible movie. However, there were a few good parts:

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“I never want to see Supergirl’s panties again!”

Supergirl's Panties

DC Comics editor Matt Idelson has now proclaimed “I never want to see Supergirl’s panties again!” No longer will comic book fans be teased with the thought of what is under her skirt, but now what is under those bicycle shorts. Yes, Matt Idelson is so obsessed with the though of sexualizing Supergirl that he wants her to wear bike shorts.

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Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Series


Mattel’s newest addition to the DC Universe line is the Crisis Series.  Crisis takes the DC classic line characters and scales them down to 3.75 inch scale. Characters included in the Infinite Heroes line will not be in the Classics line this year. This will avoid  having duplicates of the same character on toy shelves.  Figures are available in single carded and three-pack figures.

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