The Superman Museum

“Look, in a small town in Southern IL, it’s… giant Superman statue?…” But what about Smallville, you ask? Well, if Smallville is sooo great and truly is Superman’s hometown, why don’t they have a giant Superman statue in the middle of town or even a Superman museum? Metropolis does! In 1972, to increase tourism, the citizens of  Metropolis embraced the fact that the their town shared a name with Superman’s fictional city. So, they erected a giant statue of The Man of Steel next to the county courthouse and built a Superman museum to honor their hero’s past. The town’s newspaper is even called The Metropolis Planet. There is also the largest Dippin’ Dots, The Ice Cream of the Future, store, but that’s another story all together. The cool thing about Metropolis is that D. C. Comics is totally on board, declaring the town to be “Superman’s Hometown.” The town was even depicted in a few issues of the Superman Comics.

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Essential Seven Best Superman Film Moments

With word that Christopher Nolan is now involved with the Superman franchise, we are looking at a new “way to address the character of Superman in a modern context.” This will be the first time that a Superman film will depart the “Donner” treatment.

The Christopher Reeve Superman films, and the latest Routh Superman had a similar look and feel. With it unlikely that Bryan Singer will direct a follow up, we are looking at a brand new take on the “Man of Steel.” So as we look forward to the Nolan and Goyer Superman film lets look back at the Essential Seven Best Superman Films:
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Superman II, Filming Location

Last week I went on vacation with the family up to Niagara Falls, Ontario. (sorry for lack of posts last week) While around Niagara Falls, I couldn’t help but think about my favorite superhero film, Superman II. In the late ’70s Richard Lester filmed parts of Superman II up in Niagara. Looking on the web there has never really been a discussion of this location.

In the film Clark and Lois head up to the falls on assignment to research honeymoon locations. Two scenes were filmed in the area. The first is by the falls where Superman saves the stupid kid playing on the outside railings. The second is where Lois tests her theory that Clark is Superman. That scene takes place in the White Water Walk a few miles from the falls.

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