Met Mike Lookinland (aka Bobby Brady)

I met Mike Lookinland (aka Bobby Brady) at the Pittsburgh Toy Show (aka Steel City Con). If your in the area stop by.


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Essential Seven Famous Bullies

Almost everybody has had to deal with a bully sometime in your life. They prey on the weak or pick on you because you may be different. Why do they do this? Because they are an asshole. In fact, I believe that most people are assholes. In movies and TV shows the bully is the typical arch-nemesis of a main character. Pop culture is filled with them. That is why this week we list the Essential Seven Famous Bullies. (Ed note: You can also call this the Essential Seven Famous Assholes!)

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Essential Seven TV Show Christmas Episodes


Television shows always have that special Christmas episode. You know what I’m talking about. It usually involves somebody¬† learning the true meaning of Christmas. A favorite that almost made this list was the Family Ties episode where Alex (Michael J. Fox) is haunted by the ghosts of Christmas past and future to see how his greed would hurt those he loved.

This time of year I like to search through the cable channels and catch all of the different special Christmas episodes. Cheers, Full House, All in the Family, and Frasier are some of my favorites.  So I got to thinking, this weeks list would feature the Essential Seven TV Show Christmas Episodes.

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Essential Seven Least Respected TV Characters

Winnie Cooper

Every successful show has a character gets no respect. This could be because of the writing, a new addition to the cast, or a bad actor. For example. On the Wonder Years, I never had any respect for Winnie Cooper. I just couldn’t understand why Kevin Arnold would ever want her, when he could have Madeline! She was annoying, and never gave Kevin any love. You can call it hating the character, but you can’t respect somebody you hate. So here is the Essential Seven Least Respected TV Characters:

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