Because Goonies Never Say Die!


Featured today in Slash Films Page 2 is an awesome never before seen Goonies photo.

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Super 8 Has a Goonies Vibe

I wasn’t very excited by the initial teaser trailer for Super 8. It reminded me of another Blair Witch / Cloverfield film. Well I was wrong! The trailer for Super 8 has a strong Goonies / E.T. vibe. I can’t wait!

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The Goonies 25th Anniversary DVD


ASTORIA, Ore., – The Goonies R Good Enuff! Relive the wild adventure when The Goonies 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition debuts on Blu-rayTM and DVD November 2, 2010. Directed by Richard Donner (Superman, Lethal Weapon series, Ladyhawke), the beloved family adventure is presented by one of the most influential personalities in the history of film, Steven Spielberg (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan). Recipient of the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award, Spielberg won the Academy Award® for Best Director for Schindler’s List (1993) and Saving Private Ryan (1998), as well as the Academy’s coveted Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award (1986). Three of Spielberg’s films (Jaws, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Jurassic Park) have broken box office records, each becoming the highest-grossing film made at the time, and The Goonies consistently performs year after year, with DVD unit sales totaling 5.5 million life-to date (source: Nielsen 4/30/10).

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Goonies 25th Anniversary Event

Never Say Die: “The Goonies” Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in Historic Astoria, Ore. Fans Gather from Around the World to Commemorate Cult Classic Movie on Location, June 4-7

Eager to revisit secret caves, treacherous traps and hidden treasure, fans will gather in historic Astoria, Ore., to celebrate the anniversary of the cult classic film “The Goonies” June 4-7, 2010. Over the four-day event, Goonies lovers can retrace the steps of characters in the film by touring filming locations including the famous “Goonies House,” bowl at “Chunk’s Bowling Alley” and more, including a possibility to mingle with original cast members.

As part of the 25th anniversary festivities, the new Oregon Film Museum will open its doors for the first time. Converted from the old Clatsop County Jail featured in “The Goonies,” the museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the art and legacy of Oregon films and film-making. One of the many highlights is a special exhibit in the actual jail cell from, “The Goonies,” as well as stories, mementos and props from famous movies made in Astoria and across Oregon, such as “Kindergarten Cop,””Animal House,” “Twilight” and more.

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Essential Seven 80’s Films That Should Never Be Remade

Karate Kid Remake

It’s hard to be a child of the 80’s these days. All of the films that you consider sacred are being “remade” or “reimagined.” Last week the first image of The Karate Kid remake made its way onto the web. The initial negative reaction to the remake made Columbia Pictures to rename the Jaden Smith / Jackie Chan film to the Kung Fu Kid.

So I began to list what other ’80s films are in danger of becoming a remake. If The Karate Kid could be remade, no film is safe from greedy Hollywood producers.  If they were remade, how would these films be different? How would they ruin it? I cry at the thought of any of these films being remade. The list was very long, but I narrowed it down to the Essential Seven.

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Empire Magazine Puts Together a Goonies Reunion

To celebrate Empire Magazine’s 2oth anniversary, the magazine reunited the cast of The Goonies. Steven Spielberg is the guest editor-in-chief for this month, and reunited with Richard Donner, and the rest of the cast. The first thing I noticed was how hot Kerri Green is. Wow. The group discusses why the movie is still relevant, and sequel rumors.  Video after the jump.

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