Essential Seven Wrestlemania Moments

Hogan and Mr. T

Reviewing the Wrestlemania XXV DVD put me in a WWF nostalgia mood. I was a hardcore fan of wrestling starting in the early 80’s. I remember the excitement I had of watching my favorite stars battle it out on pay-per-view every year. So this weeks Essential Seven list is my Essential Seven Wrestlemania Moments. This list is a bit biased. I haven’t seen every Wrestlemania, but can the newer ones be as good as they were in the 80’s and 90’s? I don’t think so!

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Wrestlemania XXV DVD

I haven’t been following WWE wrestling for years (fifteen years to be exact). I didn’t realize that this is the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. Watching the Wrestlemania 25 DVD I was shocked at how uneventful the show was. This was a celebration of 25 years of WWE entertainment! Luckily for fans, the DVD is well produced with some good special features.

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