TF12 Top Ten Picks from the 2012 Toy Fair

The joys of collector media
Going through all my photos and coverage, I have come up with my ten top sights from the 2012 Toy Fair. Click below…


10. Wild Republic’s Lunar Rover
Apparently hitting stores right now, this historically based Lunar Rover is incredibly detailed and comes with an Apollo Astronaut. The line is called Galaxy Quest (apparently no issues with the Tim Allen movie?) but is based on real space technology. My son and I love visiting the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, and I can’t wait to get this 1/12(ish?) scale Lunar Rover into my collection. The Apollo astronauts had to build this car, IKEA style, on the moon, wearing space suits. This one comes fully assembled, and around $12-16 retail.


9. Diamond Select Modok Minimate
This guy was peeped at SDCC’11, but this was my first time seeing him in real life. I’m not a huge Modok fan, he’s just so absurd, and this minimate is perfect. He’ll come in a two pack with Akuma. Check out the rest of the Minimate goodness in our Diamond Select Toys gallery.


8. Hasbro’s BeyBlade Destroyer Dome
I didn’t really get into BeyBlades until my son was old enough to have fun with them. I loved Spinjas growing up, so I know the appeal of battling tops. My son and I have a lot of fun watching them fight each other, but Hasbro is upping the game with this 360° battle dome ($40, fall). These special new Beyblade tops have unique rims that allow them to spin all over the inside of the sphere, battling each other. The first one to drop to the bottom loses. Check out our 2012 Toy Fair: Cool Stuff video (coming very soon) to see it in action.


7. Hasbro’s RC Wall Crawling Spidey
This is another toy featured in our upcoming Cool Stuff video. Using a vaccumm, you can control this Spider-Man to climb up and down and spin around on any wall. This will be in stores around the same time as the new Spider-Man movie.


6. MEGA’s Die-Cast HALO vehicles
MEGA has been making superb vehicles and playsets based on XBox’s Halo for a few years, but now they’re expanding into die-cast vehicles, at a slightly smaller scale (but comparable price point) for easy collecting. They feature small soilders that can fit onto the pegs, and build up armies with ease.


5. Mezco’s Mars Attacks figures
Coming out around November this year, Mezco is bringing Mars Attacks to life. Incredibly detailed and featuring ample articulation (this is a prototype and does not feature all the articulation it’ll come with when finished), a removable bubble, and fully armed, they’re ready to take over our world. Mezco had tons of cool stuff on display, from Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster to Dark Knight Mez-Itz, but you know I have a soft spot for Mars Attacks toys. They’ll come in 6″, 3 3/4″ and plush. Check out all our pics from Mezco.


4. LEGO Jabba the Hutt’s Palace
There was tons of cool stuff from LEGO, including Lord of the Rings and Batman, but I love this Jabba’s palace. The Jabba the Hutt looks fantastic, while still delightfully LEGOish. This set is massive. It’ll be available in August for $120 and features 8 minifigs (I counted Salacious Crumb). Check out all the awesome sets, with stuff for collectors to kids in our LEGO gallery.


3. DC Direct Bane statue
You know that Lando da Pimp and I are in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, in particular the stadium scene featuring Tom Hardy. There was a lot of DKR merch at Toy Fair, but this Bane statue had so much energy and really captured the character and the actor. (This photo doesn’t do it justice). I love looking at statues, but rarely think of buying them, but this one is definitely on my radar. Check out all the highly detailed statues and figures in our DC Direct gallery.

5152 E-Rangers Collectobot

2. Playmobil’s E-Ranger Collectobot (Powerloader)
There was tons of cool stuff on display at Playmobil’s booth, but this power-loader style exosuit really stood out. I have to say out of everything I saw at the entire Toy Fair, this is the number one set I’m definitely picking up. Part of the flagship Future Planet theme, it’s just one of the space-themed sets coming out, and it’s just so beautiful. Check out my full write-up on what Playmobil is releasing in 2012 to make your wallet ache.

Mattel Hoverboard

1. Mattel Hoverboard
Wow. Wow wow wow. Three years early to boot, it’s a 1:1 replica of the Back to the Future II Hoverboard. This won’t really hover six inches off the ground, but it does glide over smooth surfaces, and does not work on water, you bojo. But is simply beautiful to see in the flesh. It’ll be available for preorder in March in the $120 range.

I’m slaving away at editing all my video footage into three easily digestible podcasts, so stay tuned. We’re in for an exciting year.

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