The Definitve Marvel Figures

All right, this is a post listing all characters with multiple versions, and saying which one is definitive. This is open to discussion and will be modified along the way. Shall we start?

Iron Man:
Depends. Since he has multiple armor designs, this is a bit tough. Most of the designs only have one or two figures, making things easier. I’d go with the ML1 figure, since it is one of the easiest to recognize as Iron Man, or the movie figure for the same reason.

Captain America: Face-Off. The ML1 version was good, but with newer articulation, sculpted scales, and a better paint job, he can’t be beat.

Hulk: Face-Off. Yes, the Icons and MS figures are bigger, but unless someone like Abomination or Wendigo gets made at that size, they will be too big. Bonus points for the various textures.

ML13. Ask your girlfriend, bigger is always better. And at an inch taller than the previous Abomination, what’s not to love?

Thor: Giant-Man wave. Some small improvements over the ML3 figure really added up to make this one a winner.

Vision: Ares. The older one didn’t really offer too much other than a good sculpt and standard articulation, but then again neither does the newer one. I do like the fact that the newer one is thicker from front to back, and comes with a BAF piece.

Spider-Man (red/blue)
: Superposeable Spider-Man. I’d call it McFarlane like everyone else, if it were actually based off McFarlane’s art, but that’s for another day. Anyhoo, with great articulation (that also matches the sculpt!), and nice, big eyes, this figure is a winner for many a-fan.

Spider-Man (Symbiote):
It’s a tough call, but I gotta go with the Red Hulk wave version. I say though call, because although I think the Bullseye body was a good choice, the changes in proportions and articulation really shouldn’t have happened. Ah well.

Venom: SMC16. Despite the crappy action feature, this Venom is pretty good. The sculpt rocks, and though he’s missing a neck joint, the articulation is plentiful. The only downside (besides the action feature) is his arms look a little stubby, but that’s compared to all the thin-armed figure with double-elbows.

Daredevil: Face-Off. Yes, a lot of people like the newer version, but for those of us who think Frank Miller’s DD is the only one out there, this one is the winner. And speaking of the only one out there, has anyone outside of Canada actually seen the new little bastard? I really need him 🙁 .

Two-Packs. Do I really need to explain? No? Sweet…

Punisher: Nemesis Wave. I like the Face-Off version. I really do. But the face sculpt kills it for me. The ML4 version is great, but the missing torso articulation ruins it. Now if they could just release a trenchcoat version. Again, I’m looking for this little bastard, so if you see him, listen to the voices in your head for once.

ML2. How many people could actually find the FFC versions anyway, and since Hasbro’s is too small….

Human Torch: Ares Wave. Flames should never be done in solid plastic, and when Toybiz made a translucent Torch, it was either the movie or Ultimate version. This one was a long time coming, making it even cooler.

Mr. Fantastic: Again, it depends. Do you want him stretched, or normal? I guess the ML5 version is the best, since it features both. I’d recommend the movie figure if you don’t mind the “incomplete” look when the extra parts are snapped in, also.

Invisible Woman:
Toss Up. Not because of anything good, btw. The box set version had some sexy hips, but also thin arms, a fat neck, and was only available in a box set. The F4ML version only the other hand, had an odd face sculpt, an odd costume, and odd articulation. The movie figure was pretty good, but again, had an odd costume. I also heard some stories of weak plastic.

Silver Surfer: MLF4. The magnetic board on the ML5 version was fan-freaking-tastic, but the magnets in Surfer’s feet wouldn’t allow him to stand steadily. The face was nice*, and the body sculpt was pretty cool, with the exception of the round as a marble shoulders. So what does the newer version do better? The sculpt was equally good, even with improved shoulders, and the board was taller than the figure (and a uniform color…)

Dr. Doom: ML2. A lot of people would claim the MLF4 version as best, but it doesn’t really have any major improvements. Yes, I know I’ve spited figures for not having a torso joint, but you can’t beat that fabulous texture he’s rockin’.

Wolverine: Depends. Like Iron Man, there are a bunch of Wolvies available, and the amazing thing is, most of them have a unique look. I find most of his costumes silly (though I have a soft spot for the AXM design), so I’d recommend one of the civilian figures, but your mileage may vary.

Iceman: ML8. The newer version looks cooler (no pun intended), but with a lot of reports of breakage, it’s better safe than sorry.

Cyclops: XMC. The ML10 version was FAR too buff (and lacked a torso joint), and the AXM version was horribly pin-headed. Back in my day, we called that winner by default.

Captain Marvel: ML15. I really am trying to like the new MS version, but the thunder thighs prevent that (insert dirty joke).

And that’s it. Next week will be some DC characters. So long, all.

*The argument that the figure looks too much like an alien is one of (if not the) the dumbest arguments in history, since believe it or not, the Silver Surfer is an alien (gasp!)

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