The Good Parts: Poltergeist 2


I watched Paranormal Activity last week, and was really disappointed.  First, was the Blair Witch Project. Then I sat through Cloverfield. Now another “documentary” type film, Paranormal Activity was awful. Why do people enjoy these films? The hype masks the fact that the film blows. The only thing that could save Paranormal Activity was if that chick took her shirt off. Sadly that doesn’t happen either.

I then thought about Poltergeist, a good ghost film. Poltergeist is still a freakin scary film twenty some years later. Sadly, part two couldn’t live up to the first film, but there were a few good parts.

Poltergeist 2

Taylor “the Medicine Man”
The film started off introducing the new character of Taylor. It was a promising start, that sadly didn’t pay off. The character was interesting in his investigation of the family. How he really helped them though creates a lot of confusion. His interactions with Tangina don’t mesh. Maybe that is because of how they changed the original films premise.

Poltergeist 2Under the House
In Poltergeist it was determined that the haunting came about because the house was built upon an old graveyard. Poltergeist 2 opens with Taylor and Tangina exploring underneath the Freeling house. I got really excited when they found the cavern with all of the bodies, but then they ruin the entire premise of the first film. The house wasn’t built on a graveyard. Visually this was a cool moment.

Poltergeist 2

No Television
I still liked that they won’t allow a television in their house. What is strange is that Carol Anne talked to them through the TV in the first film, but now the ghosts don’t need a TV. To play it safe the family only listens to the radio.

Poltergeist 2

I hated that they changed the story of Poltergeist, but they did create a great villian in Kane. Kane was the leader of a Satanic utopian cult. He wanted to control the souls of his followers, leading them into a cave because the end of the world was coming. Kane became the Beast absorbing spirits of his followers, and hopefully Carol Anne.

Poltergeist 2

The Satanic Utopian Cult Footage
I know, I keep saying the cult storyline sucks, but keep referencing it as a good part. When Tangina asks Diane to relive the Story of the cult, they cut to footage of the Kane leading his followers to the underground cavern. The footage is creepy, and probably the most interesting part of the film.

Poltergeist 2

Grandma Returns Carol Anne
I hated the ending with the family stuck in another dimension. The spirits finally took Carol Anne to lead them into the light. Luckily, Grandma returns her to the family. It was a good solution to a crappy film. You would think that would be the end of the disturbances. Well bring on Poltergeist 3

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