The Rise And Fall of WCW DVD

I was very excited to get the new WWE DVD: The Rise and Fall of WCW. I really enjoy the WWE documentary DVDs over the collection of matches. I couldn’t wait to hear the discussions on the ultimate failure of the organization. Sadly, the beginnings of the WCW is very boring.


The documentary start with how the WCW started with Jim & David Crocketts, Jim Crockett Promotions. They later morphed into the organization WCW. The initial WCW was very local and pretty insignificant until Ted Turner became involved. What I found very interesting was that at an early point in WCW history, Vince McMahon owned part of the company until Ted Turner bought him out.

The documentary gets really interesting when the begin highlighting the rolling number of bookers who approached the storylines in unique ways. Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera era is the most interesting part. Bischoff is praised highly for his efforts as well. Some may disagree with how much Bischoff contributed to the company. In my opinion he was much needed. He brought Hogan, and changed him as a heel! Of course I can’t disagree with the fact that he never took the storylines to the next step. At the end I think everybody was in the N.W.O. Eric Bischoff and Scott Hall refused to be interviewed for this DVD. Any commentary was inserted from past interviews. I also would have loved to hear from Sting, Luger, or even a Steiner for christ sake!


I wasn’t aware of how much Goldberg contributed to the company. I knew he was popular, but I was surprised how quickly his role was squashed by Kevin Nash. Including Goldberg was a good decision. You can see his love for the company, and how he was robbed of further popularity.

The documentary spends way to much time on the Rise of the company, and blowing through the company’s heyday and ultimate demise. The Hogan / N.W.O history could have been further explored. No mention of the Warrior or Hart. In fact, Flair is not even discussed enough in my opioin. The DVD also includes 20 various matches along with some extras that are touched upon in the main documentary. I enjoyed the documentary, but I wish it was longer. 2004’s Rise and Fall of ECW was nearly three-hours long. WCW is far more important. I would love to say this is great, but I can’t help but feel there is a number of things missing. RECOMMENDED FOR CASUAL FANS

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