Toy Fair ’09 NECA

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We saw a lot of really great new figures from NECA. As always the sculpts are beautiful. Turtles are back, Gears of War, Terminator 2, and of course Harry Potter all debuted today!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rumors of the lines demise have proven to be untrue.  In fact NECA is still working  to bring us the 2nd wave of their Eastman and Laird TMNT line that includes Shredder, April, and Krang! They are also throwing their hat into the designer toy ring with their new stylized rotocast turtle. We asked about the possibility of seeing a Casey Jones. Randy Falk, Director of Product Development, would hope to eventually produce a figure of Casey Jones, but the market would have to allow it. Buy these Tutle figures Dammit!

Gears of War
NECA is also bring out new waves of Gears of War figures. These continue to impress me with their likeness to the game.

Harry Potter
Five new Harry Potter figures based on the Half-Blood Prince are scheduled to debut later this year. Including the Fenrir Greyback. At first I was surprised to see a figure of Fenrir produced, but it makes sense that they need to add a villian in the line from the film.  I think my favorite sculpt to date would have to be the new Malfoy sculpt. The facial expression says everything you need to know about who Draco is. Randy Falk also hoped that they would continue the 3 3/4 line in the US with new figures.

View the Toy Fair ’09 NECA Gallery

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