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I have to admit, I came to Bandai mainly for their Big Hero 6 toys, but their Power Rangers Dino Charge display was one of my favorites at all of Toy Fair. Back in the day, each company would have elaborately decorated show rooms with actors, amazing displays, theatrical lighting, sometimes even mood music or occasional fog. Those days are gone. Everything is either in a classy glass case, or simply lined up on a shelf. Bandai knocked my socks off with their display. Click below for some of my favorite pics, and yeah, their Godzilla, Sprukits, and Big Hero 6 figures.

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As you’ll see in the gallery below, they had the actual costumes from the Dino Charge television program on display. I even got to pick up the sword. But aside from the elaborate diorama that reminded me of Toy Fair days of old, I absolutely loved that the zombie looking things were all getting eaten, beaten, or run-over. Everywhere you looked, something was being victimized in a delightfully funny way.




Take that!


Run away!
That’s hilarious. There are more in the gallery below! Anyway, just like it’s been for the last 20 years, I believe Power Rangers will be very popular.

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Hooray! I found Baymax. My family loved Big Hero 6 (on DVD and Blu-Ray on Feb 28th. It’s on iTunes right now!) And so did a lot of other people, it’s officially the third highest grossing Disney movie (behind only Frozen and Lion King). Part of that is the story, the other part are the amazing characters. Some of these were popping up before Christmas, but keep your eyes peeled, you should start seeing more of these.


We got the Fred four-inch figure, but we really wanted the white Baymax (with the hairy baby Mochi). They said they short packed the ladies Go-Go and Honey Lemon, but all should be hitting stores in new waves, including Mark I Baymax in the green suit.


I saw these Sprukits in stores and liked the quality behind the build, but I had no idea they were this good and articulated. Batman, HALO, Pokemon and more are appearing in stores. They require no glue, paint, or exacto blades.


Then we checked out BanPresto collectible toys. Based on extremely popular Japanese capsule toys, these figures are sporting some amazing detail, but are intended to be collected on a shelf, and are not very articulated. Here’s the collector alert… once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Each of these is part of a limited run, and will not ever be repeated.


That being said, the detail is incredible. Check out all the pics in the gallery below. This was one of my favorites.


A new battle damage city is available! I love these types of things. We saw lots of Godzilla merch at varying scales (heh-heh, scales) and both based on the 2014 movie, and the classic Godzilla of days of old.


The Hatch’n Heroes line features favorite characters from Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Godzilla and a line of dinosaurs that transform from figure to egg shape that can slip into a child’s pocket. Fun!

Check out my gallery below, or if you wish, view it directly on Flickr.

Check out for more info, and stay tuned for my Big Hero 6 Blu-ray review.

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