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I had a wonderful time checking out all the new sets at LEGO this year. I dug seeing the new Minecraft, Star Wars and Scooby Doo sets, as well as a couple new Lego Movie sets. We’re finally getting the double-decker couch! I’m also very excited about the Jurassic World sets coming out closer to the movie. Click below for a ton of pics.


For you retro LEGO maniacs, the old pirate line is coming back. There’s a skull island, ship The Brick Bounty, a stronghold, even the jail. When I saw those familiar red and white stripes, my heart flipped.


We’re all getting anxious for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in theaters this May. There’s Ultron, Iron Man, and the Avengers tower! I don’t believe there are any spoilers, so feel free to peruse the gallery. I want that Hulk Buster Iron Man set. Is this a spoiler? Hulk in a trap? I don’t know.


Remote control shark!! That’s awesome! Also check out the mad scientist with spider prosthesis and brain jar. This is part of the Ultra Agents line. And they’ve introduced an app that, using special new lego bricks, allow you to use your creations in the app. Check out our upcoming video for demonstration.


See! Look how awesome he is.


Minecraft LEGO kind of blew up right before the holidays. There was an initial offering online and they sold out quickly. Now that it’s past the holiday shopping season, these are starting to pop up in stores. Here is a new Netherworld set that’ll be coming out later this year. My kid is bonkers for Minecraft and he can’t wait to get his hands on a few sets to start customizing.


You saw the Return of the Jedi Emperor’s Throne room at the top. I love how the LEGO designers grabbed something expansive, and made it tidy and compact without sacrificing anything. It’s clear what it is, and has all the spirit of that scene in the movie. We’re also excited for the Imperial Shuttle and new TIE Interceptor. Check out this Star Wars Advent Calendar coming out closer to the holidays. We tried to get some inside scoop on the Episode VII sets, but they could neither confirm nor deny anything.


I think the thing I was most looking forward to was the Jurassic World sets. We get a good look at the hybrid genetically altered dino, as well as some of the vehicles and playsets. I think it’s funny there’s yet another Chris Pratt minifigure. I wonder what sets he’ll pop up in next year. Anyway, these sets look fantastic. It’s my personal opinion that with Jurassic World coming out, LEGO should approve one of the many Jurassic Park sets that have been presented on the LEGO Ideas site.

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