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Sweet! It’s playmobil time. I’ve been covering playmobil’s Toy Fair booth since 2001, and it’s typically my favorite appointment. There is some exciting surprises coming up, so stay tuned for word on those. In the meantime, let’s check out the new line-up for 2015, including the Super 4!

Click below to check out all the cool stuff I saw, like this female gladiator.


New dueling castles this year, Falcon Knights vs Lion Knights. These are coming out in August with a whole line of supporting sets. There’s an Giant troll, dragon, catapult, two full castles and assorted knights. The castles are full of trap doors and battle features, such as break away walls and launching canons. Per the usual, there’s always tons of great detail, and a sturdy construction. For more medieval fun, check out the jousting knights foil packs.


We’ve had fun playing with the action lines that incorporate motion and encourage outdoor play. Last year we reviewed the pull-back racer and parachutist, and this year there are new gliders that will fly your full-sized playmobil figure around the yard, and come with all new LED lights. Look for these hitting stores now.


For years, the playmobil community has wanted a pregnant lady figure. One of playmobil’s strong suit is helping kids play-act different scenarios that may be scary, new, or uneasy. This is why they make a pediatrician’s office, TSA checkpoint, and school, to make the unknown less scary. I think it’s funny that out of the whole catalog, the one woman with a small child and a baby in a stroller, is pregnant again. She’s due any day now.

Later this year Playmobil is introducing an all new television show called Super 4. It features four different familiar playmobil worlds (spies, pirates, fairies and knights) and introduces new characters getting into call kinds of adventures. Check out the trailer, and stay tuned for details on when you catch it on a channel near you. There were a handful of sets on display including their chameleon bot, robo suit, and pirate island. Keep an eye out for more.


There’s a whole new fire fighter set with new trucks, fire house, and this sweet hazmat guy in a new red suit. Also check out the SWAT tactical truck, and aqua rescue set. We used the floating rescue raft from that series to make our ORION Mars capsule

Complete Ferris Wheel

The fair theme was also front and center. We reviewed the Ferris Wheel a few short months ago. Check out our pics and video! The other sets from this theme are very colorful and shiny, and add some whimsy to your playmobil world.

This is going to be a very exciting year for playmobil toys. Stay tuned for more news and reviews throughout the year. Check out my gallery below, or view it on Flickr if you prefer.

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