Vintage Star Wars Micro Collection Bespin Playsets

I got a great haul at the Nov 2021 Pasadena Toy Show in Maryland last weekend. Among other treasures, I nabbed these two complete-in-box vintage Kenner Star Wars Micro Collection Bespin playsets, the Control Room and the Gantry. Click below to see more pics!

The boxes were what first caught my eye, they were in fantastic condition. I had been looking out for either one of these Bespin sets for over a year now. Quarantine got me back in, hard, to collecting vintage Star Wars figures and playsets. The thing is, these sets weren’t as popular or widespread, so there are less complete sets to be found. One could buy an incomplete set and try to get all the figures, piecemeal style, but that could get costly and take forever.
The seller at the Toy Show informed that the sets were complete, with directions, baggies and cardboard inserts. One flap had been carefully opened, the sets had been displayed, and then returned to the box. Now I was seriously thinking about grabbing these. After connecting with original Kenner photography Kim Simmons, I have been really attracted to the original packaging photos, however if something has its original box, it’s typically much more expensive and out of my price range.
I was under five when Empire Strikes Back originally hit theaters. So I had Yoda, I had Darth Vader, but I never had any of the ESB playsets. As I got a little older and Return of the Jedi came out, I was old enough for some of the bigger sets such as the Ewok Village. I was aware these Micro Action playsets existed, but none of my friends had them. I’d occasionally see them on an older brother’s shelf, but I certainly couldn’t touch.
I like how the sets capture the essence of the Cloud City inner workings, and comes with four die-cast metal figures. In each of these, you get two Lukes, and two Darth Vaders. They can be swapped around, so you can create various interactions as you see fit.
Though they’re smaller than traditional Kenner Star Wars figures, I thought this was a great solution for getting more “real estate” in your hands. There’s a fantastic Carbon Freeze playset that both of these sets plug into, as well as Battle on Hoth sets and a huge Death Star interior you can combine. I’m hoping to get a few more of these and get shooting, but it may be too late to get the Build Your Army packs offered on the back.
The action features also still worked. There is a small lever that triggers a mini platform to spring Luke through this breakaway window. The Gantry set features an opening door and a rotating platform for lightsaber play.
Wow! I love the internet. I posted my initial picture of the two sets placed next to each other. I couldn’t figure out why their connectors didn’t just work (they’re built to connect to each other and the carbon freeze playset) Mat on one of the Fb pages pointed out that there is a way to split them in half and then connect them together and I love this layout so much.
It helps to gripe on the internet, someone will correct you!
I love photographing vintage Star Wars toys, stay tuned for more, but check out my earlier photoshoots if you haven’t seen it. And follow MillionairePb on Instagram to keep up.

Vintage Star Wars Micro Collection Bespin Playsets

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