What is the Future of NECA Turtles?

The site TMNT & Other Strangeness did an interview with Steve Murphy, writer on the 2003 TMNT animated series. In the interview they discussed the future of the NECA TMNT line:

TMNT & Other Strangeness – Speaking of comic figures, do you have any clue what happened with NECA?

Steve Murphy – I can only hazard to guess that NECA lost interest in the TMNT, regardless of the happy talk they make to fan journalists and fan news sites.

TMNT & Other Strangeness- You say NECA seems to have lost interest, does that mean that the recent news of series 2 finally coming out will not be coming true after all or is it all just a wait and see sort of deal again?

Steve Murphy – My opinion is that it’s just like that line from Devo’s “Jocko Homo” song: “I say it’s all / Just wind in sails.” In other words, nonsense, public relations, nothing substantial. NECA wants us to open a certain distribution channel for them but we’re prevented from doing so. Without that new avenue of sales, I doubt very much that NECA will release anything further.

If this news is true that makes me sad. It was a surprise to see the new TMNT figures this year at Toy Fair. It’s not a surprise that NECA would want a wider distbribution, but I doubt very much Playmates would ever allow that. I would find it strange that NECA would put that much effort into series 2 if they weren’t serious about it.

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