Wicket VCD


Since 1983, Ewoks have always been a sticky wicket (pun intended) for Star Wars fans. Fans seem to either love them or hate them  (my wife loves them.  I like them medium rare with a baked potato).  The fuzzy creatures always did seem like they came more from the Lucasfilm marketing department then as a natural part of the story.  Some of the issues come from the notion that the Empire was defeated by teddy bears.  I’ve always felt that charge is a bit overblown as Lando, Han, and Chewie had a lot to do with it as well.  Regardless of how you feel about the Ewoks they are firmly a part of the Star Wars canon as they have been in Return of the Jedi, two TV movies and the Ewoks cartoon series.

Now they Endor denizens have been made into one of the best toy version yet with the Wicket W. Warrick VCD from Medicom Toy.  Many VCDs have the squished ultra-deformed look, but lately the VCDs of certain characters have a natural look.  This is true of the Peanuts line and of Wicket.  This hot little Japanese number features minimal articulation, but is high on detail.  Furry creatures in plastic can be very difficult to pull off (look at some of the hideous sculpts of Chewbacca over the years) but the fur looks great here.  The suede on the head gear and the little half step in the pose really make the figure stand out.  Wicket stands are 5 1/2 inches with the spear topping out at 7 inches, and has terrific balance.  Even if you hate Ewoks, you are bound to be impressed with the quality of this Japanese release, distributed in the US by Sideshow Toys.

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