World’s Smallest Garbage Pail Kids

Super Impulse is continuing to shrink your favorite collectibles to a teeny tiny size. Their latest target, Garbage Pail Kids are getting the World’s Smallest treatment and feature fully detailed, dimensional sculpts in a tiny blister package. You can pull em out and play with them and put them right back in, depending on your preference for display. Series One features favorites Adam Bomb, TeeVee Steevie, and Up Chuck.

The mini blister pack gives you a great view of the tiny toy, and the back features the original card art. Due to some licensing agreement, the words Garbage, Pail, and Kids do not appear anywhere, but they use the familiar GPK acronym.
My favorite GPK is of course Adam Bomb. I have collected most of the 3D forms of Adam Bomb for years and this makes a great addition. From left to right, there’s the Funko Mini (blind packed and available in 2 series) an autographed John Pound head sketch, the World’s Smallest, the super sized Funko “mini”, the Garbage Pail Kids Minikins Adam produced by Topps, and the light up keychain from many years ago.
To give you a sense of the scale, here is the Minikin Adam, the smaller World’s Smallest Adam, which does feature a tighter paint job, with a vintage Kenner 3 3/4″ Han Solo. These guys are tiny, but still pack in a lot of detail.

The World’s Smallest TeeVee Stevie packs in a ton more detail than the Minikin version, and looks great with his collection of TVs that you don’t get with the Funko Mini. TeeVee Stevie is a big favorite in our house and we love the attention to detail in this World’s Smallest version.
We don’t have a Minikin or Funko Mini of Up Chuck, when it comes to vomiting kids we just have Richie Rech. Up Chuck’s barfy detail is fantastic.
I love that the detail even extends around the back, especially with TeeVee’s TVs. They really thought out these sculpts give the fans what they want. I’m hoping for a second series of World’s Smallest, and it’s about time someone does Sewer Sue. Fingers crossed.
As you can see my son and I even cosplayed as Adam Bomb and TeeVee Stevie one year for Comicon. We can’t wait for conventions to return and find more fun Garbage Pail Kid stuff to collect.

World’s Smallest GPK

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