WWE: Macho Madness – The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection


I have never been a big fan of the Macho Man. I always found him to be a bit of a douche. Apparently so do most of his wrestling peers! Unlike the Ultimate Warrior DVD where his peers discussed his self-destruction, this DVD only features wrestling matches. That came as a bit of a disappointment. I guess we will never find out what was the problem between Savage and the WWE?


The DVD is hosted by Matt Striker and Maria who introduce each match. This 3-disc DVD set features 23  of the greatest Randy Savage matches from WWE and WCW. From his debut with Rick McGraw to winning the WWF Title at Wrestlemania IV to becoming the Macho King this is a pretty comprehensive collection.


Special Features
Each disc contains some great special features that are more interesting than some of the matches. On Disc 1 you can view the Wedding between Savage and Elizabeth at Summer Slam ’91. Disc 2 contains include the debut of Miss Elizabeth and the coronation of the Macho King. Disc 3 has a massive collection of special features that includes some of his strange interviews from Saturday Nights Main Event and the strange tag team of The Ultimate Maniacs (Savage and the Ultimate Warrior)

As mentioned earlier, I was hoping for a documentary about his career. Perhaps the WWE hates Savage so much that they just released this for the fans, without talking about him. Of course from everything I read, he was not a very likable guy in the locker room. If you listen to the radio show Bubba the Love Sponge, you can usually hear Hulk Hogan discuss his hatred for the Macho Man. The DVD doesn’t really interest me. I never was a big fan of Randy Savage. Fans of the Macho Man will love the DVD. The matches are for the most part really great. The lack of a documentary also keeps this DVD in a positive light!

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