X Ambassadors’ Beautiful Liar Tour at DC’s Lincoln Theater

Live music is starting to return to venues with audiences and Washington DC is ready. We have our wristbands, ear plugs, and face masks. This is my first concert since quarantine and it’s great to be out again with my people. X Ambassadors is one of my favorite live shows. I’ve photographed them four times and I couldn’t think of a better show for getting my first hand stamp in 21 months. So let’s begin.

X Ambassadors came out strong with Jungle, which like Renegades has been featured in recent commercials. After My Own Monster they zoomed in to BOOM. If anyone in the audience wasn’t familiar with their catalog, they’re welcomed in quickly with songs they may not have known that they knew.
Scary Pool Party and Taylor Janzen opened before X Amabassadors. Taylor Janzen brought a mellow sound, but there was heart and mindfulness.
I did want to address our readers that are still feeling anxious about returning to large groups as we (hopefully) ease out of the pandemic. I can’t speak for your locality, but the Lincoln Theater, as many other popular venues in DC, required proof of vaccination to enter. And once inside, you had to wear a mask for the duration of the show. There was food and drink, but if you weren’t actively consuming, then you had to mask up. We witnessed the staff being vigilant in enforcing the mask rule. We all had a great time and didn’t have to worry about our safety while doing so. I’m hoping we’re able to return to normal soon, but I’m alright with some minor inconvenience until we can get there.
While I admit, I don’t own the new album The Beautiful Liar (hey Prime users, you can give it a listen for free!) I have been listening to X Ambassadors quite a bit on Spotify, so I was familiar with some of the new songs. There is a fun creepy, spooky vibe to the album, which worked great seeing the show on Halloween weekend. The song My Own Monster is becoming a new favorite.
Sam brought the tempo down a little with an acoustic set to play some covers of songs they’ve collaborated on, including Lizzo’s Cuz I love You and Jerome as well as Kygo’s Undeniable and ILLENIAM’s In Your Eyes.
There was pumping, get-you-jumping bits, and soulful bits, and then it all ended with, of course, Renegades. I was curious how they’d incorporate Unsteady naturally, but the entire flow of the show was a fantastic journey. See more of my pics below and check out The Beautiful Liar tour to see if you can catch them in your city and in the meantime pop in your earbuds and rockout to The Beautiful Liar album.

X Ambassadors Beautiful Liar Tour 2021

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