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Click for largerMr. Bill 3 Disc DVD Box Set Giveaway
Now's your chance to own the three disc DVD Box Set Mr. Bill's Disasterpiece Theatre. It's easy to win, put on your creative thinking caps.

The Rules
Pick up a four-pack of Play-Doh (they average around $3) and make your own Mr. Bill figure. A clean picture of what he looks like is provided. Take a picture of your Mr. Bill in an original and disasterous Mr. Bill-style catastrophe scene.
E-mail your picture to before July 25th, 2004

We, the MPb Staff, will decide on a winner based on originality, concept, and execution. We will then mail the submitter of the winning entry the DVD box set Mr. Bill's Disasterpiece Theatre.

Here is an example.

Kill Mr. Bill
This image is now in our Greeting Card center

Click to order from Amazon Have no creativity or you're terribly lazy? You can order this DVD box set straight from Amazon by clicking here. Want to know what's on this treasure trove? Well, if you're a real Mr. Bill fan, having 3 DVD's worth of Mr. Bill would be enough, but for you sticklers... this set contains Mr. Bill's Classics, (all of your favorite skits from old school SNL), Mr. Bill Does Vegas and Mr. Bill's Christmas Special (two all new Mr. Bill features!)

What are you waiting for? Oh yeah... Here comes Mr. Bill's Dooooooooooog. Now get crackin.

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