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Click to see!1:18 Scale Die cast REMOTE CONTROL General Lee
by Mr. Stinkhead

Yes, yes, we have already reviewed a 1:18 scale General Lee, Lando did a good job of showing off one of the sweetest machines in TV history, shrunk to the 1:18 scale... but that was Lando's... I want one of my own. Low and behold at Wal*Mart right now are two types of 1:18 scale General Lee's... cheap! When I saw that the Remote control General was only $11, I couldn't refuse... so here is a look at the currently available RC edition.

Click to see!First thing to note, it is a plastic body (what did you expect for $11?). The other big difference between this RC module and the die-cast counterpart is that this one doesn't feature any moving doors. I know , I know, neither did the "real" General Lee, but I'm talking about the hood and trunk. Of course the wheels move, as you can drive it around with the remote control.

Click to see!Does it really stand out on your shelf? That depends... all the other 1:18 scale vehicles I have are high-end die-cast collectibles, you turn the steering wheel and the front wheels move, the doors open, there's superior detail on the interior, and little bonuses such as fold-down wheels on the BTTF II DeLorean, or the flip over machine guns on the Batmobile, are great surprises.

Click to see!Speaking of surprises, there is a little hand-held sound effect box, about the size of a tape measure. Press the button and it plays the infamous Dixie horn. I don't know if you're supposed to just keep it in your pocket and press it when you take your hand off of the wheel? The button is lined up in the package, so you can press it and hear the horn before you buy, I had the impression (as I'm sure was no accident) that the car made the noise, via the Remote while playing. Ha ha on me.

Click to see!The question comes down to quality over value, and display over play. (Hey, I should run some seminars, give me $500 and 8 hours of your time, and I'll make you a new man!) Honestly, it looks good enough with my other die-cast Famous Cars from Television and Movies collection (seen here with the Batmobile and KITT). There's enough exterior detail that I probably won't continue to hunt down a die-cast General Lee. I really don't think any of my friends will notice that it's a plastic body, or that the windows are dark plastic instead of a visible interior. I need to pick up that Ecto-1, and of course the 1966 George Barris Batmobile. It looks good in my collection, and it was relatively fun driving it around the floor. If I get any of the RC Playmobil cars, I could have a race. Unfortunately, an RC Hazzard County cop car is not in the foreseeable future.

The RC functions are nice... nicer than I expected for $11. There are active headlights when it moving forward, and breaklights and its moving in reverse. It works on carpet or hardwood. Again, I wish the remote control activated the Dixie Horn, but what can you do. Scroll down for a video demo of the car in action, including footage of a stunt car rolling at the Dukesfest a few years back. Yeeee-haw.

Check out our other die cast cars in the 1:18 scale, including the die-cast metal General Lee, 1989 Batmobile, KITT, BTTF DeLoreans, and the Smart Roadster.

We went to Dukes Fest a few years back. Check it out.

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