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Art Asylum's Minimates Coverage

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Minimates Miniweek
the tongue makes him popular with the ladies Mr. Stinkhead faces the darkness within the Spider-Man III Minimates.
hey adriennnnne! Mr. Stinkhead is hit twice with the 24 AND Rocky II minimates. Momma said knock you out.
square boobs Mr. Stinkhead flies high with the Battlestar Galactica Minimates. Bonus review of Caprica Six action figure.
you're the doc, doc What was the most pivotal school dance in history? The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance from Back to the Future. Check out these new exclusive Minimates from that landmark social gathering.
Minimates Miniweek
That's heavy Mr. Stinkhead flips out with the Back to the Future Minimates, and tells you which scale model DeLorean looks best with them. the sky... with... Diamonds! Seek out these Star Trek TOS Minimates, then download and assemble this free Transporter display base to put them on.
Indeed, I would like to eat your brains Mr. Stinkhead wrestles the darkness within, looking at this Spider-Man 3 Transformation Venom Bust, and checks out Zombie Dare Devil and Giant Man Minimates from SDCC
do you think I'm sexy? Mr. Stinkhead gets sand in his shorts with Series 10 Minimates.
To the Batcave Robin! Mr. Stinkhead puts together the Minimate C3 Batcave.
Atomic batteries to power Mr. Stinkhead puts together the large Batmobile C3 Minimate set.
Where does he get all those wonderful toys? Mr. Stinkhead finds, possibly, the coolest C3 playset yet... the Joker's Chemical Warehouse
up in the air, junior birdmanStinkhead kicks off Bat-Week with a look at the C3 Batwing and Batglider (with Catwoman minimate).
diabolicleMr. Stinkhead puts together the new C3 (DC Minimates) Mini Batmobile and Throne Room with Batman, Robin, Superman and Darksied.
rawwwrrrrMr. Stinkhead goes mini and checks out the Lord of the Rings Minimates.
RAWRRRRRJager checks out the Giant Size X-Men and AFX Exclusive Professor X & Magneto.
Also includes Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Cyclops, Thunderbird, and Wolverine.
thank you ThingMr. Stinkhead gushes over the Series 4 & 5, includes Dr. Doom, Thing. Dr. Octopus, Juggernaut, Bullseye, Captain America, Absorbing Man, Civilian Logan, Battle-damage DD, Peter Parker, Grabline Spidey, and Gwen Stacey
gloriousCoverage of the Art Asylum show room at Toy Fair 2004.
uuuuuglyCheck out the results of our Custom contest. Includes all of our entries.
HULK SMASHJager and Stinkhead animate a sweet Minimate Fight
Dial-ups beware
you need itStinkhead makes you a mighty desktop wallpaper featuring your favorite Minimates.
HULK SMASHMr. Stinkhead is blown away by the first round of Marvel Minimates. Includes con exclusives. Spidey, Dare Devil, King Pin, Venom, Carnage, Gray Hulk, Hulk, Bruce Banner, Ultimate Wolverine, Ultimate Spidey, Silver Surfer, Storm, Sabre Tooth, Green Goblin, Logan, and Battle-damage Spidey, and R Hunter's customs
enter the fist!Art Asylum's Minimates™ Bruce Lee gets into a fight.

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