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Art Asylum's Star Trek: TOS Figures
by Lando da Pimp, photos by R Hunter

Just when you thought that the classic Trek was long gone, Art Asylum revisits the original episodes with an all-new series of action figures. I know what you are thinking, "another Star Trek toy, so what?" Well take a look at these photos. Not only do they have the most incredible actor likenesses but, they are also fully articulated figures measuring approximately 7". The first wave of figures includes: Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Lt. Uhura, and Khan (from the episode Space Seed).

Let's take a look at each figure:

Captain James T. Kirk:
No captain was ever smoother than Captain Kirk. In almost every episode a female (human or green alien) was always under the spell of Kirk's smoothness. The action figure is just as smooth. Kirk is in a green tunic and comes with a phaser, tricorder, and lots of mojo.

Click to see! Spock:
Everybody's favorite Vulcan comes with hand phaser, tricorder, and extra hands. Spock can easily give people the Vulcan salute and with some customizing a few other hand gestures. Where is the "neck-pinch action" feature?

Click to see!Leonard "Bones" McCoy:
"Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not an action figure." Well now he is, and the doctor has the best likeness of the first wave. Like Spock and Kirk, Bones comes with a hand phaser and tricorder.

Click to see!Lt. Uhura:
Now when you are playing Star Trek you have to have an action figure that can hail the opposing ship or Starfleet. The Uhrua figure is also good to reenact the scenes where she and Kirk get it on for a little bit of jungle love.

Click to see!Khan:
Now that we have a very realistic sculpt of Ricardo Montalban, you to can play Fantasy Island. Or you can just have the genetically engineered super villain Khan attempt to take his revenge on Kirk. Khan comes with a phase pistol but sadly, no Tattoo.

Click to see!Art Asylum's Star Trek line has been very impressive. Playmates' Star Trek line came nowhere near the incredible actor likenesses of Art Asylum's. I am excited to see future waves of Classic Trek. Mirror Spock is, delicately put, da mutha truckin' bomb. How about Kara the woman who stole Spock's brain or the ghost of Abraham Lincoln?

Article and photographs are copyrighted 2003 by

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