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deskmates hooked us up with three of their exclusives. Bullet Dodge Neo from N2Toys, Metallic Ravage from Hard Heroes and the Battle Damaged Enterprise from Art Asylum. Click on the images for larger shots.

click for largerBullet Dodge Neo from The Matrix
I won't go into long detail here about N2 or their line of Matrix figs, but the best one to come out of the entire series is this Neo. This figure features some of the most creative use of packaging I've ever seen. I've opened other Matrix figures from N2, and then wished I had left them in the packaging, but this one needs to stay packaged because of how cool it is.

click for largerThis set features Neo during his famous roof top showdown with an agent, and the bullet ripples are carved into the blister pack to give it that ephemeral look. The figure itself is a tight sculpt and one of the closer Keanu likenesses. He also comes with guns. The sculpt is tight, and they did a good job applying the bloody rips to his leg.If you were to open him, his legs, knees, arms and head are articulated. It appears he can hold the guns.

This figure is exclusive to and it looks great, MOC in your collection.

click for larger click for larger click for larger

click for largerMetallic Ravage
Here we have the 12" long bust of the Decpticon's Ravage. Out of all the Transformers, he was my favorite. Hard Hero, famous for their busts of comic book and sci-fi characters has done an incredible job capturing the likeness of the animated Ravage. As if he had lept from the television, Ravage is on the prowl, and his unique personality comes through in the sculpt. I like how it's clearly the animated Ravage, (as opposed the actual sculpt of the toy) but it holds up to close scrutiny. I don't believe there could be a better three dimensional translation of this character. I do want another one of him leaping. This particular bust is the metallic paint variant. is the only place you can pick up this numbered, limited edition variant.

click for larger click for larger click for larger

click for largerBattle Damaged Enterprise from Art Asylum
I personally am not a huge Star Trek fan. I enjoyed the occasional episode of TNG when I was younger, but never really got into the later series. However, when I was 11, I purchased an Enterprise D model kit, had to hot-soak the decals, paint each window... the final product was around 18 inches long. I couldn't play with it at all, it was kind of fragile. Maybe if I had video of me playing with it on the internet, I could net $4,000.

click for largerSo we get this ship and I bust it out... man is it solid. The battle damage paint job is smooth, but the light up effects and sound bits are great. There's 8 in all, straight from the latest show, Enterprise. I think they should have snook the leaping sound effect in there.

click for largerIt looks sharp on its base too. It's got a ball joint so you can point it in almost an infinte number of positions, but you can easily pop it off and zoom around the room with it. Press the bridge dome and it makes one of the sounds and the warp nacelles and front bay light up.

Even though I'm not a Trekkie, I was very suprised with this one, and I will probably be hunting down the classic phaser (life-sized) when it's available. This battle-damaged variant is only available through

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All names and likenesses are copyright their respective owners. All photos are copyrighted 2003

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