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click for larger Palisades' Adventure Kermit
by Lando da Pimp
provided by

Palisades Adventure Kermit pays homage to everybody's favorite archeologist Indiana Jones, unofficially of course. This convention exclusive is not as hard to obtain as other previous con exclusives. The official Star Wars online store,, now allows you to buy Adventure Kermit without attending the convention or buying it on eBay for way too much money.

The packaging look and feel is very similar to the other Muppet figures except that Kermit comes in window box packaging. The back reveals that Kermits likes "Laws allowing for parody, legendary film producers & directors with a sense of humor," while his dislikes are "Worms, why does it have to be worms?"

click for largerKermit is outfitted in the traditional Indiana Jones archaeologist garb. The pants, leather jacket, shirt and brown fedora are perfect representations of Dr. Jones' clothes. The jacket is a soft plastic while the shirt and pants are sculpted on to the body. You are able to open up the jacket to reveal more of the shirt. The legs are a bit more bulky giving Kermit some knee joints that previous Kermit figures were missing. A magnet in his head keeps Kermit's fedora on his head alleviating the frustration of a hat that won't stay on.

click for largerHis accessories were the big surprise for me. Kermit comes with a gun, a great representation of the real pistol that Indy uses to fight the Nazis. The gun fits perfectly into the holster on Kermit's waist or his hand. This is the first Muppet that comes packing. It wouldn't be homage to Indy without his famous bullwhip either. When he isn't using the whip it attaches to his left side on a hook. My favorite accessory is the kneeling golden idol Gonzo. Fans will see the similiarity of the idol to the one in the opening act of Raiders of the Lost Ark. A shoulder pouch is also included but the pouch doesn't open.

Kermit comes with fourteen different points of articulation including the neck, shoulders, arms, waist, and knees. The thing that makes these Muppet figures great is the attention to detail Palisades gives. The Muppet texture has been nailed giving Kermit that Muppet-like appearance.

click for largerAdventure Kermit is an amazing homage to one of film's most beloved characters. It's a must-have unique collectable for both Muppets and Indiana Jones fans. With Lucas and Spielberg obviously approving this figure, there is hope we will see other movie related Muppet figures. This is a most impressive figure and in my opinion in line for MillionairePlayboy's Toy of the Year. (See 2003's)

To purchase this figure head on over to And then check out more Muppet goodness on our Palisades coverage page.

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