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Click here The Behemoth's Alien Hominid
by Jager

Alien Hominid rekindled video gamers' love of old school side-scrolling fun. The game had a style all its own and a fun factor that was through the roof. The basic idea is that you are an alien who crashes on Earth and has to battle the FBI to get back to your ship and get home. The Behemoth (who made the game) has created soft vinyl toys that bring the 2-D images of the game to life in "living" 3-D. These toys are simple, clean, brightly colored, and funny. Just like the game.

There are five figures that come packaged together in a nice window display box. There is the Alien himself, the Fat Kid, Thundersnap (the mutated attack dog), FBI Guy, and a pretty sweet robot called the Bustletron. None of the figures boast any points of articulation. This was a bit disappointing, but it doesn't take too much away from the overall feel of the set. All the figures are made from soft vinyl and it seems to be a fairly quality material. Not as nice as some more artist driven toys, but still a nice material. And being made from the soft style vinyl compliments the basic idea of the toy/game: old school fun.

Click hereAlien Hominid
Made from a bright yellow vinyl, this figure really stands out. The mold is a great pose with the gun cocked and ready for action. The eyes are painted black, nice and neatly, as is the green gun. The studio added a nice touch by using thin plastic tubing for the antennae. I think I'd respond better to a more aggressive pose, but this one lends itself to different placement with the other toys better. He can protect the Fat Kid, or be ready for action against the FBI Guy.

Click hereThundersnap
This is the standard issue attack dog for Area 51 (take my word for it). This blue beast is pretty gnarly looking. His eyes are bulging and are different sizes. If you read any of my other articles, you probably know I love asymmetry, so these eyes really help this piece in my opinion. The coolest feature of this guy is his teeth. They are painted neatly with a little gum showing and are just gi-normous! You don't want to be bitten by this guy.

Click hereFat Kid
Probably my favorite toy of the set. The paint apps on his shirt, hat, shoes, and backpack are all clean. Having him hold his shoulder straps looks really nice. I love how his pack is almost as big as him and his simple face really lets you imagine someone you know when you look at him. Not the most technically impressive of the set, but still a charming toy. You can't help buy smile when you look at, he has to have a sandwich or two in his backpack, right?

Click hereFBI Guy
This one looks the most like a character from a side-scroller video game. He seems to be sidestepping to his left. His gun is ready for action with a circle on the tip to imply the barrel. Again, the paint apps are very clean; his hands don't bleed onto his gun or do his sunglasses smear onto his coat.

Click hereBustletron
This is the biggest of the set and also the most impressive visually. In the game this guy would spin around and you'd have to head for higher ground quick. Sadly, this guy doesn't spin but he does have some nice metal arms and legs. The seams on his abs are nice and crisp and I particularly like the rivets molded into his chest plate.

Click hereI don't say this very often (if ever), but this set is one that you may want to leave in the box. The packaging is just so nice. There is a large enough window to allow you to view the toys from front, sides, and top. Also there is a sweet cityscape background that really adds to the look. Also, given the fact that these toys aren't posable, I'm more inclined to tell you the box is the way to go. However, if you leave them in the box you can't position them in your cubicle very well. Overall, these are some nice toys. The paint apps are tight and the sculpts are accurate to the game. If you were into Alien Hominid (either in Flash format or on your console) you'll dig these guys.

If you'd like to get this set, learn more about the game, or just see what's going on with Alien Hominid, check out their site, They are having a "bundle sale" right now with the game and figures together!

The Behemoth just launched its web site (again),, and is worth checking out. is where this game first saw the light of monitor, and it still is playable there!

To make it easier on you, our loyal readers, we put all our Designer Toy coverage in one spot so you don't have to search for it...not we're not calling you lazy!

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