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Click meMezco's Aliens
by Mr. Stinkhead

The Alien franchise is one of my favorite series of films. I have the Quadrilogy and have watched the whole thing, including the 45 hours of bonus material twice. Ok, maybe not all of the bonus material twice, I've only had it since Christmas, give me a break dammit. As you may have read before, I was very, very pleased with Mezco's first Alien MezIts figures. I compared the stylized mini-figs to the Japanese Kubricks based on the same film. Like any sequel, you should be familiar with the predecessor, such is the case in this article, and if you have not read my original article, shame on you. You disgust me.

Anyway, just like the movies themselves, this second series of Alien figures based upon the second film Aliens, are a qualified follow up to the hard-to-beat original. It's true, I'm one of those snobs that will tout the original 1979 Alien as the best of the series, but secretly watch 1986's Aliens over and over. Though the first series of MezIts are grand, this set is just as good, if not better.

Click mePackaging
The packaging here is important. A lot of mini-figures come blind packed, it adds to the thrill of collecting. Others prefer to see exactly what you're getting. I love how the blister pack on these MezIts show everything included, and appears to be almost too much for only asking $15. I absolutely feel that this set is well worth that much, and am surprised I wouldn't have paid more. Also to note, kudos to Mezco, the packaging on this set is a great improvement over last year's set, which featured a single large promotional still on the back. But really, even if you're a die-hard MOC collector, you have to open these.

Click meWhat's New and What's the Same?
First thing you'll notice is that you get three figures and three corresponding bases. Included are Ripley, Alien drone, and the Queen herself. I love the base with the play-action chest-burster, but I'll touch on that in a minute. The first series gave us two figures and a massive little statue of the Space Jockey (weird phallic thing). I like having more things to play with this time around. Is it just me or is it notable that this mirrors how the first movie was more visually stunning, and the second had more action? I should stop writing these things at 2 a.m.

Click meAnother good follow up is the Alien drone, you can see, compared to the first set, this one is more glossy and a richer black, and he had the texturalized noggin as opposed to the original's clear dome. The sculpt and paint detail on the rest of the body is otherwise the same, but that's completely appropriate. I think it looks great, and continues to be my favorite incarnation of the Alien in mini-fig form. The spring-loaded pop-out tongue thing is here, and easy to activate, and he has that great rubbery tail.

Click meYour Worshipfullness
The Queen, the nastiest mother in the galaxy. The Queen Alien sports a completely new head, an extra set of arms, and as the Princess of Power noted, high heels. I see the artists at Mezco were recognizing that the Queen had a different leg structure and used a different sculpt for the legs, but P.O.P thought it was hilarious and wanted to add fingernail polish. No-no. I really dig how this figure is clearly the Queen, but also true to the MezIts form of translation.

The Queen sports an additional set of non-poseable arms on her chest but the ball joints on the rest of the body are permissive of movement, but have not gotten loose. Her base is the egg sac thing dripping new eggs. The back portion of the base was cast in a translucent green plastic, and then painted over top, to give the slime a slight glow. Also of note, the Queen stands on her base perfectly. Her soft rubbery tail fits perfectly in the nook of the egg sac.

Click meRipley
Well it's nice to have a strong female lead, absent from the first set. (The original came with an Alien and an Astronaut with face hugger.) However this figure doesn't really scream Ripley like Newt did throughout the film. [Ed note: I don't know if that joke will make sense in the morning... basically it doesn't look exactly like Sigourney] I assume it's a combination of likeness rights from the actress and the format of the MezIts design. Anyway, she's packing heat, and ready to smear some Aliens all over the wall. She comes with a nice looking base too.

Click meKill me... ahhhhhhhh!
I love this Chestburster base. It's true, the figures don't stand on the base very easily, however you'll really want to show this one off. Don't dare put anything infront of it. [Ed note: Nobody puts Baby in a corner... I should smack myself] Appearing as a nameless victim stuck to the wall, press the button on the back and a little blood-covered chest burster makes his way out the victim's rib cage. Let go, and it snaps right back in. This is pretty cool. Actually, it's my favorite part of the set. The "slime" adhering the subject to the wall is a rubbery plastic, and the chestburster is nicely painted. I can see where some corners could have been cut here, and they weren't. I'm really, really impressed.

Click meOverall
What a great set. You know what? It's Friday (if you read this site regularly), head on over to the mall, pop into Suncoast (or Media Play or wherever) and pick this set up. You deserve it. You just finished a hellish week, and you deserve this. Tell the significant other (or Mom or whoever) that Mr. Stinkhead demanded you pick this up. And that makes it—OK

Ooh, Mezco just started up a new Message Board, go check it out. Benefit: it's new, so everyone's a noob for a week or two... then you're seniority.

Also, if you're a lover of fine cinema, I recommend picking up the Alien Quadrilogy nine disc DVD. The extras completely make it worth it, and the director's cuts are great.

Ok, so you didn't trust me the first time, and now you want to read my article about the first one? Here..., ya goofball.
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