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The Skinny:
Thanks to R Hunter and the folks at Play Along Toys, we are giving away an incredible LOTR Armies of Middle Earth prize package. (see below!)

All you have to do is snag some figures (available in stores, and online now), take some pictures, physically customize or digitally alter them if you'd like and post it on our message board. When all the entries are in, we'll hold a vote on the board. The winner takes home the prize.

The deadline for entries has been moved to September 8th, so get crackin!

The PRIZES: (click for pics!)

  1. A single carded Gollum
  2. ActionFigureXpress exclusive Weathertop 8 pack
  3. Comic Con exclusive Twilight Frodo 3 pack.
  4. SIX unpainted test-pulls from Wave 1. These aren't available anywhere and can only come from the factory. You get Aragorn, Boromir, Samwise, Rohirrim, Rohan Foot Soldier, and ofcourse Frodo.

Win all this!

Congratulations to EchoBaseRecords

Click here to see all entries and voting results.

What you do:

  1. Go pick up some of Play Along Toys' Lord of the Rings: Armies of Middle Earth figures. Here is our coverage of some of the sets becoming available.
    They're available now through and

  2. Take some cool pics, play with them in Photoshop® or other photo-editing software, or get out the razor and puddy and physically customize the figures. (optional).

  3. Join our message board (free), to post your image. We will provide a vote for all eligible entries after the deadline.

The Rules:

  1. Submitted photos must feature at least one Play Along Toys' Armies of Middle Earth figure.

  2. Digital editing and physical kit-bashing is allowed, (encouraged), but not necessary. But it will give you an edge in the voting.

  3. You must be a registerd member of the Message board in order to be eligible for the prize package.

  4. You may enter as many photos as you wish.

  5. The current deadline is September 8th.

The Images:

  1. All images submitted must be your own original work and not infringe upon any copyright holders.

  2. Images should be no wider than 640 pixels.
    If you are having difficulty with image size or image hosting, e-mail us and we can help you out. We can host a limited number of images. Space is limited

  3. Blood and gore is acceptable and encouraged, but images containing nudity or overly offensive imagery will not be eligible.

The Boring, yet necessary:

  1. You must be a registerd member of the Message board in order to submit your photo for this contest.

  2. Due to current internet child-protection laws, you must be 13 years of age or older to register for our message board.

  3. Registration is completely free, however you may need to purchase at least one AOME figure in order for your picture to be eligible. Entering this contest is free, and purchase is not absolutely necessary for you to enter. You could borrow the toys from a friend.

  4. In the event of a tie in the public voting, a winner will be decided by the staff. All decisions are final.

  5. reserves the right to remove any posts in the message board at any time if they are deemed offensive or not eligible as entries. This contest and the general content of the message board are at the sole discretion of the MPb staff.

  6. reserves the right to alter this contest's rules or prize offering in any form deemed necessary at any time during the duration of the contest.*

  7. The winner will be determined upon a pubically offered poll on the message board. Registration for voting, or other to-be-determined rules may be implemented to prevent flooded voting results.

*Such alterations would be implemented to compensate for problems that arrise during the contest's duration and would be used to keep the competition fair. Also, we may be able to add a few more prizes to the pot, so keep your eyes peeled.

Article and photos copyright 2003

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