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Click hereATP MAD*L from Wheaty Wheat by Jeremy MAD
with Jager

We've been anxiously awaiting a new MAD*L (some more patiently than others) and the wait is justified with the newest addition to the line. This very happy guy was designed by MAD himself for his Invasion exhibition at All Tomorrow's Parties Winter Festival and produced of course by Wheaty Wheat. This is certainly one of the better designed MAD*Ls and it really shows his style. His other designs were great but when compared to his prints and sharpie work, this MAD*L really has the same feel.

Click hereThe face on this guy looks like he's having a wonderful trip. His eyes are swirly and his smile curls around the sides of his head all the way to the very top edge. He is VERY happy indeed. The body design is pretty simple in execution but still is great. He's wearing a t-shirt with the ATP logo on back and MAD's style bubble letters saying "I got this dope fig @ ATP '06" on the front. The rest of the body is covered in stars of various shapes. Everything is nice and clean and the paint isn't thin or smudged. Like I said, this is a pretty simple design but that isn't noticed as much because the stars act as negative space when the lights are out and this guy is glowing. And does he ever glow! I honestly haven't seen a toy glow this much. It's practically flash back inducing. It's made of a blue glow vinyl and so glows a nice blue tint. It's much brighter than anything I've seen before and lasts a good while. For example, it glows bright enough that you can still see the swirls in the eyes when the lights are out because the vinyl is glowing through the paint.

Click hereThe toy comes in a white zipper bag with the bubble text from the shirt printed on one side and the toy's info on the other. Since he's not in the standard MAD*L box, the sticker they use to denote the different designs is included in the bag for you to stick where you like! A very cool sticker of the toy's face is yours for the sticking!

Click hereCurrently, this is available only at the ATP's web site. The toy is limited to 400 pieces with 300 for sale. This is a nice number that doesn't seem as large as it would have a few years ago. It's an excellent addition to anyone's MAD*L collection, or for the glow addict it's tops. This is sure to sell out so if you're on the fence about this guy you better jump off quickly!

Wheaty Wheat's site has info on upcoming projects, an exclusive online store, and gallery of previous toys you'll spend your last penny on when you find them on ebay.

MAD has a site full of his work and info on the man himself, including a blog.

ATP's web site is the only place you can pick this flashback inducing toy. Hurry up!

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