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spacerMy Big Haul at Big Lots / Dollar Tree
by Mr. Stinkhead

Sweet. I recently stumbled upon a Big Lots and Dollar Tree in the same shopping center, located minutes from my pad. Oh and today was payday... double score.

First Stop: Dollar Tree
I hadn't become much of a Big Lots follower, due to most BLs being pretty crappy, even for Big Lots standards in the past. So before working my way into new territory, I went with my familiar Dollar Tree. I had been to Dollar Stores in the past, but this one was much much bigger. Closer to the size of half of a grocery store. I'm used to mall-shops. Anyway, digging around, here is the haul I came away with. Remember, all items one dollar.

click meclick meS.K.U.M.M.- Tech Deck
I have seen the S.K.U.M.M. before, but never was into Tech Deck's mini skate boards, so I looked them over. But this thing has magnets and is only a dollar, so I took the gamble. They say 12 movable joints, I guess the kiddies don't know the word articulation. Not too bad, I do like the articulation, and I'm a sucker for anything with magnetic feet. I don't like the plasticy fabric used for this particular figure's clothing. Despite the many warnings on the packaging, I took off his helmet, and was pretty impressed with both the head and helmet. The collector stand pieces are also nice, gives him something to pose on.

click meclick meThe Inflateable Hulk
I am just as excited as the next guy for the upcoming Hulk movie, apparently the merchandising blitz has spilled stuff to clearance way before the movie has even been released. This rage-filled sucker is 13" according to the packaging. (He's in a weird half-sitting position). I could not get his head fully inflated, so he looks kinda of funny. Here's the deal. I'm holding a Photoshop contest... use the full sized image on the right (click here) and post it in our message board... the voted upon winner will recieve one of these beauts. Don't worry, I bought two, so yours will not have my spit on it.

Big Lots

So Dollar Tree wasn't a total wash, but I still felt that nagging feeling... there is something I need to have...I marched into the Big Lots thinking there has to be something here I absolutely cannot live without.

click meclick meTarzan, The Epic Adventures - Leopardman
I saw this bendy figure and was immediately drawn to his scowling face. The $1.50 price tag made it impossible to pass up. The packaging was stapled and the price marked down (marked down at Big Lots, oh the humanity), so perhaps it was returned. Any-hoo, this is a standard 4 inch bendy, and he has Wolverine esque claws that plug into the back of his hands. It also comes with a Tarzan badge, with a belt clip. What part of any Tarzan mythos has them wearing badges? WTF??

click meclick meFire Squad - HazMat guy
I love HazMat guys... the playmobil HazMat crew is simply the best. But here is a $.99 HazMat guy with removeable helmet. I love the sculpt, it shows just a little more effort on their part. However, he only has 5 points of articulation meaning you can pretty much make him look like the picture on the right, and that's it. I wish his elbows twisted so he could hold the stuff better. Also, the eyehole area is really a hole, he wouldn't last a minute against hazardous materials. Here he is with the mask off

I love cake!Very Special Forces
Oh... my... God... here it is. This was what was nagging me psychicly. This is the reason we go to places like Big Lots. Here I present to you, the Very Special Forces. Man, I wouldn't trust this guy with a plunger much less the grenade launcher looking thing he came with. The irony is that I feel like the retard because I could not figure out how to get him to stand on the base or hold the weapon. All I can say is wow. I am ofcourse, making reference to this most classic of Onion articles Clinton Deploys Very Special Forces To Iraq.

Not only am I holding our first Photoshop Contest on our message board, but I made some new avatars of the guys featured here. Hurry up and claim Corporal Corky before its too late.

So there we are, I spent a grand total of like $8 and got all this cool schwag. If you have any major discoveries you've made at a close-out store, let me know. Check back here later for more cheap-ass finds.

All images are copyrighted 2003 unless otherwise noted.

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